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  1. You mean like the Panthers? Your TE was drafted with the exact same pick we have.
  2. All of the UGA linemen can go kick rocks.
  3. Good, OTP folks will stay OTP.
  4. Matt Bryant....100%. Bryant is probably in a bar RIGHT NOW.
  5. This time last year, we were all talking about how DiMarco should be cut.
  6. Solid picks at 3, 4, and 5. Sam Rogers, despite his size, is the kind of player that DQ likes. Not only is he versatile, but he can catch out of the backfield on play action. I don't know about getting him at 5, though.
  7. As far as fullbacks go, I like Sam Rogers. He may be on the small end, but he's a threat out of the backfield.
  8. The more I hear/read about this guy, the more I like the signing. On top of that, Quinn has everyone buying into his system and his culture.
  9. Are you guys going to be able to find footballs small enough for little Tommy to wrap his baby hands around?
  10. I stopped reading when I saw "safe space."
  11. I KNEW you were a porn director!
  12. There is no pass rush.
  13. Sorry, man. I know it's tough, but keep your head up and remember the good times.
  14. Matt Ryan has a noodle arm. Vic Beasley is a bust. We reached on Keanu Neal. Jalen Collins is a bust. Kyle Shanahan is a QB killer. Adrian Clayborn was a bad acquisition. Dan Quinn is in over his head. Did I miss anything?