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  1. my dog does not approve of this post
  2. yeah but you need to subtract the18 Legarrett Blount tds , hes gone,
  3. Bradys one good it away from retirement,
  4. my bold prediction, Rashede has the year we're all dreaming about, makes nthe pro bo set the world on fire.
  5. Happy Birthday falconaide
  6. to much Panties crap for a falcon page, this need s to be sent to Yes, we are Panties page , to much estrogen for me
  7. yep, but for wr and TE , the ball has to be around said target
  8. Falcons - deeper, and with the MVP to get it to them Saints- have the rt person to get it to the receivers , and Thomas is gonna be a star Bucs - improving and will get better as Jamison does Poor Poor Panties , besides Olson whos brilliant they have crap (wr) and more crap(QB ) to spread it out
  9. I remember him ( after the fumble ) he was mad, teammates were trying to console him and he wasnt having any of it . that TD was the next time he touched the ball. He'd have ran over the entire team , had it gotten in his way.
  10. The 3rd TD in this game last year sums up Free for me, he had just fumbled ( his 1st of the year, and was running angry, he ran over 3 guys and wasnt going to be denied the endzone , thats straight up Dog !!!!
  11. 2 7th rounders is cool, thats like having 2 of the best chioces of UDFA
  12. I remember who it was, it was fate, it had to happen, Cam was on top of the world. Came in here 14-0 looked unbeatable, that day we laid down blueprints for the Broncos on how to beat them , Cam hasn't been the same since that fateful day in Atlanta. But like I said, it had to happen ,had we not beaten them , they win the SB , and helment manufactorers wouldnt be able to make a helment large enough for his swollen head and ego.
  13. Ryan Brees Winston Anderson, then Cam
  14. LMAo always good for a laugh