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  1. Nice size and speed . 6'1 220 ran a 4.41 looks like hes not afraid of contact , hadnt seen him, thx for the heads up .
  2. If its a trade up hope its for Reddick and not Charlton.
  3. t trade our #1 to Jets for # 39 and # 70 39 Marcus Williams 63 Tim Williams 70 Tanoh Kpassagnon 95 Dorian Johnson 156 Roderick Johnson 174 James Connor 249 Hardy Nickerson (these draft numbers include comp picks )
  4. nice list maybe a LB in there somewhere.
  5. still be a mental improvement over Cam lol just poking at ya .
  6. ****, every part of me wants to predict 16-0, we go unscored on all year till we give a team a safety, we win the SuperBowl 75-0 and go down as the greatest team of all time, But all teams have bad days , I just picked those 2 . no reason .
  7. I predicted 11-5 last year, so my prediction is 14-2 , we lose to Cowboys and Bucs in Tampa.
  8. I agree, I like confidence, but, comes a time when u have to back it up, hope he can, wish him well.
  9. and bottom loaded with divisional games .
  10. Its not all about him, he has a daughter, a Mom, family, a victim, who has the same while I agree he took a cowards way out, its not my nature to judge him, I pray for the real victims , and they are all victims except for Mr Hernandez.
  11. Thoughts and prayers for his and the victims families , its sad when a young man wastes his life like that , even sadder for the ones he leaves behind.
  12. We're drafting competition, depends on what round we draft that competition. Its all up to Rico, gotta love his work ethic, I think he has the desire to be a better player , I'd say yes he will be. I think with competition he becomes a better player.
  13. I maybe wrong but i think Rashede turns the corner this year, has a big season. And as far as Takarist I'm with you , he'd have knots on his stomach from my 10 foot pole . He makes Jordan Willis look like the perfect fit.