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  1. That's quite a jump to NFL. Yes, I know there are small-school Players who have done it (k mack), but more have struggled with that transition than haven't. I trust Quinn, but if we draft this raw kid him In Rd 1 don't expect much impact for a couple years.
  2. I would be thrilled if we got him at 31.
  3. Love the quality of your mock, MS. As you know, I prefer an edge over a safety in Rd 1, but it's not my mock! it just depends of course on how draft falls. Reality is As much as I don't want an OG in Rd 1, I still think if Lamp is there, that's who we get. I doubt Kpass is still there at bottom round 3, nor Anzalone there bottom of 4th, so you may have to go a different direction there. Maybe grab the UF LBer in 3rd then grab an OG in Rd 4 (Miami's Isidora, utau's Asiata, or maybe Siragusa from San Diego state) in round 5. good job as always.
  4. Zach Cunningham is slow? He sure didn't play slow. Pocic is an upgrade over Garland and would be projected to move over to C when mack is done. McKenzie is worth a shot, returner is an area we need competition for Roberts now and with a eye toward 2018 season. Terrible 'analysis' of a solid mock.
  5. Re: post above....Reality is nobody gets every pick right...luck plays a role in it as well. Back to Andy's mock....I'm not a JC watt nor a Dan Feeney advocate, as both has some injury/health concerns. But if Falcons due diligence passes them through, they both fill huge needs. Love the jake butt pick (although another injury concern) in Rd 3. I think Sark wants to run some two TE sets and butt has 1st round talent. He's my fav pick in your mock. good work.
  6. Oh, I hear you MS. I think Crawford was a nice pickup and is a guy capable of 4-6 sacks. In fact, Quinn's vision is to have a group of 5-6 guys capable of 4-6 sacks.....besides Crawford, he signed Poe to go along with Clayborn and last year Freeney. Plus whoever he drafts at DE/edge this draft to go along with Beasley. So crawford is a nice piece, but he's no Bennett, I'm not sure anyone is. What separates Bennett is his explosiveness coming out of his stance To the ball. But to your bigger point....I read somewhere Bennett credits Quinn for teaching him how to utilize his hands effectively, which is a big part of his game. (not coincidently , this is where I saw Beasley improve the most last year in discarding offensive linemen off His body with his hands) in the article it said Quinn would show Bennett film of boxers such as Tyson (Quinn's a big boxing fan apparently) to teach him how 'hand violence' would improve his game. Bennett developed his punch from studying all that and working with quinn.
  7. Assuming a QB (Kizer or Mahomes) is still on board, this is the year it makes sense to trade down to a team (bears/jets/buffalo maybe) still in need of one to jump ahead of Cleveland or San Fran picks....
  8. Barring injury, it will be us. He's a good but not great LT we invested heavily in to protect our franchise QB.
  9. No we wouldn't. Our team has some needs, waisting a 1st round pick on a character-risk RB would not make them better in any form or fashion.
  10. Never understood all the baker love here at pick 31. We can do much better.
  11. Several Things would have to fall just right for this to happen, but it would be a killer draft if it did. Only suggestion is you need an OG more than a TE in round 5. Maybe Isidora from Miami or (since you apparently have a hard-on for gators) David sharpe from Fla? Nice work.
  12. If and only if Kiwi he's as good as some here think he will be. But if he's not, you really hurt yourself losing all that draft capital. I would not trade up to get him or anyone else. Too many good players will be there at 31, just let draft fall to you.
  13. MS, MS, MS..... I like Crawford and how he fits into Quinn/Manuel's scheme, but you deserve some roasting comparing him to Michael Bennett. Love your enthusiasm my friend.....but......Crawford will be a rotational guy, Bennett's consistency and versatility makes him one of the 20 best players in NFL, a force against both the pass and the run. Bennett is most underrated player in all of football. (Rant over....sorry, haven't had my meds yet this morning)