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  1. No it doesn't, Chif. PM me if you want to discuss further, as we're both being guilty of hijacking this thread.
  2. I'm enlightened. Just wanted to be clear I wasn't ridiculing anyone in here about their views on our draft. Which you suggested I was. Most folks here liked it, which is fine by me if they want to be wrong () . I and a couple others didn't like aspects of it, which SHOULD be fine as well. Doesn't mean we aren't just as big falcon fans as the rest of the board. The OP puts more time in analyzing prospects than probably the rest of this board does combined . He's earned the right to express his opinions without being ridiculed for it, IMO.
  3. That's BS, you suggested I did it. I'm not above throwing it back at someone who comes at me, but I challenge you to show me anyone I ridiculed that liked our draft. From what I've seen, it's been much more the other way around people jumping on Kayoh because he didn't like some things in the draft. Again , if I did that to you or anytime else, I'll apologize. If I didn't, then STFU and quit being silly.
  4. I liked Takk a lot from the get go. A ton of folks here didn't like him pre-draft because of this "undersized" false narrative on pass rushers. Several of them are now ironically all-aboard the Takk train as if they always were. (You and I know one in particular very well)
  5. Who exactly have I 'ridiculed'? I didn't like our picks 2-6 and had strong opinions about it yesterday, but if I "ridiculed" anyone I will apologize.
  6. Jordan became a shadow of his former self once he hit Brady's age. I personally feel last year was Brady's last hurrah. It s also why Bellichick refuses to trade Garoppolo.
  7. LOL...very true, but not that rare to see here on TAFT.......
  8. Very weird.
  9. Whaley is a pretty sharp football guy. Yet it seems everywhere Rex Ryan goes he leaves sh!tstorms like this in his wake. so glad Blank went a different route.....
  10. 7 sack a year guy plus play the run well from a bottom 1st rounder is more than fine by me.
  11. I like Takk better than either player, but wouldn't have hurt my feelings if we had stayed and got Willis with our 2nd rounder. Actually what I was hoping we'd do.
  12. Man, I do too. Especially with Tru back. Really excited to seeing this defense come together as a strength of team this year.
  13. Dude, chill out. Part of the fun of the draft is comparing and analyzing the picks. Just because some of us don't like what we did this year doesn't mean we think we are 'geniuses'.....nor did I see anyone "ridiculing" picks.
  14. Interesting...Bills had a great draft, so this obviously goes back to things before that.