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  1. That's just a style comparison. Kpassagnon is definitely raw but he's he's a much better prospect than Hunt who I believe was 25 entering the league.
  2. Both 49ers boards I've visited have Thomas leading as the front runner for the #2 picks by a pretty big margin.
  3. Kpassagnon = Carlos Dunlap.
  4. BC representing lol. I usually hit up Kelwona every summer.
  5. Hooker would be such a perfect fit in our defense. He's the one prospect I want the most.
  6. I know he's not a player but DQ and it's not close.
  7. Definitely was shocking. However you could see a reason behind it. Grady was only a fit on a few teams in the league. Reddick could play for any team in any system.
  8. Reddick won't be there man. The comparison to Grady falling doesn't make any sense. Grady is a scheme specific player. Reddick is one of the most versatile players in this draft.
  9. I don't get it either. Lamp is a legit top 25 prospect in this class. Would have been the best guard last year as well. PFF had him rated as a top 5 tackle for the last 3 seasons (I know PFF but still a 3 season sample size is pretty legit). Allowed only 5 pressures all of last season which is extremely impressive. Combine that with his tape especially the Bama game where he completely shut down anyone who lined up against him and I don't see how you can not think this guy is a 1st rounder talent. Besides Lamp you have Feeney who is a perfect fit for this offense and Dawkins both of whom could be nice value in the 2nd if they fall. I still view RG as being a hole. Hugh Thornton is a depth guy who has shown zero consistency through his career and is a big injury risk, Wes is practically a unknown atm and who knows what's going on with Chester. Even if Chester wants to come back he's a weaklink and should be replaced.
  10. He explained it pretty well. He essentially he feels drafting a FS would only make sense if that prospect has game changing talent. The more he's looked into Williams the more he feels that he is that type of prospect. I feel the same way. Allen is a solid enough starter where the only upgrade that would make sense if a big one.
  11. Lol he did the same thing with Leonard Floyd last year. Debated me for like a week straight adamantly against him. Then like two weeks later he was all in on Floyd. Haha. It happens though. I wouldn't be against the Marcus Williams pick at all. He like you said fits this system to a T. He would give us a true rangy ball hawking safety. However I think Feeney falling to 62 is pretty slim and Hall at 93 would be like hitting the lottery.
  12. Nice realistic draft. Only pick I dislike is Watkins. Not a fan. But the rest of the draft is awesome.
  13. Only guy I'd trade up for is Hooker. Even then I'd probably just stand pat at 31. With how well we've been drafting with DQ I'd rather give him more chances to hit than less. Also another thing I see mentioned is people saying we don't have many holes. That is true but the same was said about Seattle a few years ago. They then traded for Jimmy Graham, Percy Harvin and drafted a few busts. Quickly they lost depth and now have huge holes and lack depth. You look at the Pats who are constantly stacking up on picks and always have amazing depth. I'd like to copy that model of sustained success than copy what Seattle did after their Superbowl win.
  14. It was rumored we wanted Flower then it changed to Leonardo Williams on draft day when the trade rumors popped up.
  15. Love the first two picks. Watt is one of my top choices at 31 and if Feeney is there at 62 that should be the easiest pick in the draft for us. Not a fan of Jake Butt. Even before his injury I never saw anything special to me. Don't know to much about Walker and Johnson to make an informed assessment. Jojo is a really nice value pick. Overall it's solid. Would be an A for me if you swapped out Butt for someone else (I like lol).
  16. Really like his tape. Hate his testing numbers. He falls below some important thresholds.
  17. Same thing was said about Byron Jones. I just can't see Obi failing with DQ here.
  18. Happy b day bro. Have a good one.
  19. True dat. Definitely needs to improve on his run support. His pass game defense is just so elite!!!
  20. Hooker is easily a day 1 starter. He's the best centerfield prospect I've seen since I've been heavily into the draft (06).
  21. There's a difference between going for a big hit and being physical. He gets washed in the run game more than you'd like and I've seen him get dragged by a RB on more than a few occasions. Also I dint mean awareness is overrated rather Adams awareness is. Its still good but it isn't elite. You can see it in the passing game on the shorter to intermediate crossing routes. I agree that Adams is a leader and could be a team caption. However I don't see an all pro prospect. High floor player just don't see the high ceiling.
  22. No
  23. Overrated in the sense that most have him going top 5 when he's more like a top 20-30 player. My knocks on him: Physicality in the running game Missed tackles Average athlete No one elite talent (his awareness is overrated) Adams is a solid all around prospect who has a high floor but I don't think he has the ceiling of some of the other saftey prospects in this draft. Theres just nothing in his game that makes me go wow. Seeing him mocked over Hooker is insane to me. If you want to talk about a top 5 saftey prospect Hooker is your guy.
  24. Jamaal Adams is one of the most overrated players in the draft imo. Good prospect but not top 10.