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  1. @A-TowN.- bro fills us in on Harlow
  2. @Kayoh is officially a Panthers fan.
  3. Why wreck the draft for people who don't want to know the picks?
  4. Ban this clown.
  5. Yep hate he fit in a 3-4 for him.
  6. Pryor sucks. Adams is a SS and Maye is a FS.
  7. So much for us trading up in the 1st jump NYG for Willis.
  8. No spoilers you clown.
  9. For those watching on NFL and only saw the Deion interview watch this one. He's a little more calmed down and you get to fully understand his passion. True underdog story.
  10. Marcus Williams/Buddha Baker/Kpassagnon/Rivers/Willis/Chris Wormley/Malik McDowell
  11. McKinney is a legit pysco. Really worried about his learning ability. With that being said I really like his fit at SLB. Crazy burst. Not a fan of giving up a 3rd but if Quinn likes him it is what it is.
  12. She mad.
  13. Go to sleep auntie you're drunk.
  14. I wouldn't mind Engram at all (minus the trade up). He's going to be a match up nightmare.
  15. I don't agree with not taking a guard in the 1st round. I'm sure the Cowboys are more than happy with Zach Martin.
  16. Reddick has some of the best man coverage skills of seen out of a LB I've seen in a while.
  17. Trading up for a guard is dumb. This is coming from someone who likes Lamp more than most on this board.
  18. What Peppers are you watching?
  19. I got a feeling its for Reddick. Would be the ultimate chess piece for us.
  20. Even his athleticism is overrated. Marcus Williams, Obi Melifonwu and Justin Evans all tested better.
  21. Pass on Wentz. Pass on Garrett. Draft Trubisky. Browns gonna Browns. Just go with Garrett at 1 and Mahomes at 12 who's the best QB in this draft imo.
  22. I really like him at LEO. I think it's the perfect position for him. He's a lot more explosive with his hand on the ground.