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  1. This has to be the dumbest thread of the offseason. Good job Shanghai. Lmao.
  2. Then why did you consider Chris Harris and Richard Sherman elite when they very rarely trail?
  3. Why do you no longer consider Talib an elite corner? Especially when he's coming off his best season in the NFL and was arguably the top CB in the leauge last season? Harris has also done nothing to lose his "elite" status.
  4. Or trading him to Denver for a couple 1sts and Shane Ray lol
  5. Agreed. Altough i really like what they did in the draft this year. And yeah TD is definitely top 5.
  6. I'm not sure where you're getting that Murray isn't a good receiver but he is. Disagree about McCoy being less talented. Just as good of a receiver (best catch % in the leauge), just as good of a runner (arguably better) and he's a little faster. With that being said I'm done with this topic. At this point we're just beating a dead horse. I like Freeman but I just don't think he's on the same level of DJ and Bell. Just my opinion....
  7. What makes Freeman better than DeMarco and McCoy? That's all true but Arizonas oline play was still worse. Your right with Matthews. Even this past sesson he was playing lights out (sans week 1) until he injured his leg in the KC game. Even then he was pretty solid till the superbowl. I'm not really worried about him but he does need to find a way to stay healthy.
  8. Your getting mixed up. Our oline in 2015 was the same as last year sans Mack. Matthews injured his ankle during his rookie season (2014). 2015 was Matthews best year of his career.
  9. Nah you tripping man. All I said is that he had a really bad rookie season and had alot to work on. Which I still stand by. Quinn even benched him after the Colts game. I did defend him though when half this board was calling him a bust. I know the exact thread your talking about too I'm just to lazy to pull it up but it's all in there man lol.
  10. Iunno where @TheFatboi thinks I said Collins would be out of the leauge or anything like that but my boy is dreaming lol.
  11. I just posted last page why the Cardinals 2016 oline was worse than ours in 2015. They lost their starting LT and RG (2/3 best players on that line) all before week 9. They had 3 different starters at LT this past season and 5 at RG. It's not really even debatable. And explain to me what bias I'd have with DJ? If anyone has a bias it's you with Freeman which is obviously understandable. And we'll just agree to disagree about Freeman being on DJs (or Bells) level.
  12. Wtf. Can you show me where I said Collins would be out of the leauge or he isn't and NFL corner? Hold up let's bet 5000 on if I said that or not. I was one of the few people who actually defended the Collins pick. The only thing negative I said about Collins is that he had a bad rookie season which he did. I also said at the same time said it's way to early to write him off for various reasons and I expect big improvement coming into this season. Don't spread BS lies about me. It's lame....
  13. Lol wtf!!!! Obviously the regular season. And if what his peers say matter then we'll see who ranks higher on the NFL 100. I'd be willing to bet you any amount of money DJ ends up higher. I'm comparing both their seasons as bellcows. Why aren't you bringin up any of the adversity DJ had to face? Worse oline, horrible team play etc. And no I'm not downplaying Freemans production. I've called the guy a top 5-7 back. He just isn't on someone like DJs level.
  14. Great post. These are the same questions I have and why I'm so hesitant to jump on the pay Freeman "elite money" bandwagon..