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  1. They all need pass rushers as well. Cowboys have been heavily linked to Charles Harris.
  2. Loved Harris tape. He would feast playing LEO.
  3. Marcus Williams > Baker > Peppers. Especially in our scheme. Marjiuana should have never been criminalized in the first place. It's funny how you bring up disinformation for legalization when it was disinformation that made it illegal in the first place. Also in most places where Marijuana is legalized violent crime numbers drop. I do agree though you shouldn't drive while high. Even though it makes me an even better driver lol
  4. Cmom AP the Saints? Way to tarnish your legacy. His last full season in 2015 was awesome. Going to be a headache playing him twice a year but like it's been mentioned he doesn't play defense. Also Mark Ingram must be choked. First losing touches to Tim freaking Hightower and now bringing in AP. lol
  5. What's with the sudden infatuation with Peppers on this board? I don't see him as a 1st round prospect.
  6. Agree with most of these takes besides Lamp. Lamp will be one of the top guards in a few years.
  7. Kpassagnon is a beast. Really want him on this team. Also I don't get why people on this board are hating on Lamp. His tape is awesome, he tested really well and offers versatility. Show me tape of anyone doing a better job against the Bama Dline. He's been the most consistent lineman in college over the last 3 seasons. For everyone who thinks he's not that good my question is, what are his weaknesses?
  8. 5 primetime games would be dope.
  9. Anyone but the Saints. I'm sick of playing these guys in primetime. Give me Dallas or Green Bay.
  10. This exactly why I want to trade up for Hooker if he falls into the mid to late teens. Usually I'm for accumulating as many picks as you can. However when a prospect as rare and as perfect of a fit for your team comes out I say go get him. You won't be seeing a better centerfield prospect come out for a long time. Hooker could have an Ed Reed type effect on this defense and take this secondary to an elite level.
  11. Allen is solid. I wouldn't really consider FS a "need". But if value presents itself in the draft like a Marcus Williams avaliable in the 2nd then it's something we should capitalize on.
  12. Especially with a team drafting where we are. It makes no sense. The only teams I can see actually see using a smokescreen are teams drafting in the top 5 maybe top 10.
  13. I feel like a lot of this board is sleeping on Lamp. Guy is a awesome guard prospect and would be great value at 31. For what it's worth the same guy who had Keanu Neal rated as his 9th overall prospect in last years draft has Lamp at #5 this year. With that being said Lamp is the only guard I'd consider in the 1st round. I don't see another guard in this draft worth a 1st round pick.
  14. This guy is the like the anti Willis in the sense that he looks so much more athletic on the field than in shorts. Harris was my #1 guy before the combine. As bad as his numbers are his tape is nice. Wouldn't hate the pick at all.
  15. Not the biggest Willis fan but if we draft him I can't be mad. DQ has earned the benefit of the doubt.