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  1. I don't think it was ever a case of watch film only or analytics only. It was really the idea of how much weight you give the two systems in decision making. It's really the meeting of art and science until you start to see that both are sciences but one if just more easily defined with numbers. I (personal problem) struggle to use the combine as the primary measure of a pass rusher. I prefer to let the analytics back up what I see rather than the analytics guiding me to what I should look at. In most cases the two are not in disagreement but if they are or I see a guy who looks better on film than a guy with a notably higher score, I'm going with the film guy.
  2. LOL. I was kinda taken aback when I saw myself being quoted and didn't remember writing what you quoted. An oldy but goody. Yeah I agree with you and that is ultimately what I was kinda saying. Nearly a year later, I feel the same way but have found a way to reconcile the analytics and the realistic. "AV" or other calculation that attempt to aggregate a set of qualities is real science but viewing it as purely potential is the better interpretation. You still need film study to know whether that player's potential can be unlocked in a given system with a given set of pieces around them. Work ethic and attitude matter too. I too would like to see Kayoh give us a 2017 list given the hot names list is longer than usual.
  3. Since 31 and 63 only gets you to 19 on an even trade, they would really need to be sure their target is worth it and I don't think there is anyone who is worth moving up for and I am super big on Reddick who I think could go in that high teen range.
  4. Given my age and what I look for when haning with friends, probably Dwight Freeney. If it had to be someone signed on the current roster, probably Julio. The person I would probably least want to hang with (based on what I know about them) is one of my faves...Vic Beasley. I do not care much for most country music and I ain't terribly religious.
  5. I don't know if I'd say that but Rocky has upped his game to the point where I don't think that's outlandish. Tru is a true shutdown corner and Rocky is not. Rocky is an aggressive playmaker...Tru has not been. In this scheme, Rocky can eat while Tru just goin be what he always has been...a CB that is not going to give QBs a lot of good looks..
  6. He wore both during his college career. My 2 cents on the move up is I really love this kid and want him on the team BUT moving up would be pretty steep and there is so much potential talent that you potentially are giving up 2-3 good players for one great one. We'd have to give up a pick next year to really make it work in any form.
  7. I have mad respect for what DiMarco did here as a player and a man working for the community. I just don't see how the offense stops being good without him.
  8. I wouldn't be mad if he did in the 2nd...kinda doubt he makes to either.
  9. Still high on Baker though I have cooled on him at 31. He really does pop on film but does struggle to bring guys down. If this draft didn't have so many good DE, LB and DT's who will be available at 31, I'd love Baker at 31. He will not make it to our second pick (could go before our 1st). I don't see him being this year's Keanu who we knew DQ had an eye on. I actually see us making a play for Reddick. Don't know if he comes to us or we have to go get him.
  10. Fine with any DE, DT or S at 31 and from Rd 2-4 fill any of those positions + OG. DQ's BPA after 4th or if we get what we want in 1-3, maybe we trade 4 for a few late round depth picks.
  11. Wow so we did make a big move. I'll be honest, I am not the biggest Poe fan in the world but this should certainly be an upgrade by any measure. Bravo FO.
  12. He's like any other QB who makes plays with their feet. The feet part works for 2-4 years but then you have to depend more and more on the arm part to stick around after that. Even f he has some skill left, I don't think he is a good candidate to work this system. If he was, he'd probably still be in SF.
  13. I made my peace with the idea that they "could" take an OG with 1st pick It's not my pref given (imo) greater needs on D and draft depth at those D positions). I guess you could make an argument for taking an O player in the 1st since all serviceable ones will be off by 2nd round. That addresses RG and negates the need to bring back Chester (who I don't have an big issue with). That all said, losing Compton means we need to get a solid backup OT as well.
  14. Yeah I saw this news over the weekend and was a little saddened. Compton is no superstar but he was a very competent swing tackle who spelled Jake when he went down. Unless we pick up steam in FA, looks like we will be addressing the O more than I expected this off-season.
  15. Really like Coleman. I think the running back tandem hurts him more than Free. Free can make instant cuts and just get out there and play. That's great and we need that kind of back but every time Coleman gets the ball, I feel like something big could happen and if he had more shots I really think he would be a lot like he was at Indiana, I also like that he almost always gets positive yards if not a couple extra because of the way he runs..