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  1. Three days rest for guys who do not seem to have actually taken time off since the season ended. Cool!
  2. I only need a little over a 1000 years at my current salary to make what Matt has made in 8 seasons. Here's to Matt earning even more silly money...certainly earned it last year.
  3. They seriously need to let LI go. Dan has, I have, pretty sure the team has. Loved the (paraphrasing) "if I knew the outcome I'd have done something different". I was initially critical and still think that Matt didn't need to take a sack but the play call was high % for us. A one-legged Mack just got beat.
  4. I don't know that his route running is all that great but he is incredibly physical within his catch radius and he has fast arms and hands. Such a unique receiver.
  5. Still hard to believe we wanted to fire this guy (not me personally but many). AB paired up a coach with vision to a GM with skills. Really hope this really cool experiment in old school, run and hit, 3-ring circus we got going on is even better in 2017. 40-burgers for everyone and only teens for our opponents.
  6. Nailed it!
  7. This has been a really cool discussion but I guess we will have to "disagree to agree" or agree to disagree. You keep saying that I am willing to let one of best players go and that is not what I am saying at all. I am saying the opposite. I want to have the option to keep both by paying them for their roles on the team. I don't want to pay top money for a guy who is on the field every other offensive series as much as I think he is worth it. Your scenario "hopes" that Teco does not continue at a high level of play and that he will continue to miss several games a year and will never be better than Free. I like Coleman's potential. His growth from 2015 to 2016 was spectacular. Do you think Coleman's play will fall off? Do you think we would sink $14-16M into our backfield in 2019? If you answered "No" to both, you are where I am. Look, it's not up to either of us so this is really a battle of board ideologies but in my ideal world, I would want Free to receive elite compensation as a % of workload. We had one of the best NFL tandems last year and I prefer to project that forward. As I have said, Free will get his money. He is our best and most important back right now and the FA market will pay him premium money so we will have to. I'm just saying this will likely force our hand with Coleman. Just can't afford to spend too much at any position group without causing issues elsewhere.
  8. So we're talking about value since no one wants to part with Free. Free is probably an $8-10M talent but only a part-time player for us. He will be one of if not the highest paid running backs on a per snap basis if he gets elite money. He's going to get paid but I'd just rather Free got premium pay for his role, not the position. That way we would not need to be locked up and lose future options. I'd feel the same way if Coleman was up and Free was the lesser side of the tandem.
  9. You are actually saying exactly what I am saying then. You can only afford to pay so many players with good contracts. The subjective part of your statement that I highlighted is why we disagree. I see Free/Teco as equals. Statistically they are very close on a per-play basis. You are projecting that Free is our RB now and in the future and that Teco can leave at the end of 2018 regardless of his performance. If Teco goes for 1200 and 16 TDs in 2018, I would hope you would want to retain him but you will already have Free on a big contract so it would be hard to keep him. The point is that even if all these guys ball out, we can't keep them all because of the cap. All I'm saying.
  10. The Cap is math and the tools to manipulate it are limited (front-load...early payoff/back-load...balloon finance). The cap is a hard limit no different than a bank account balance of $100 with no overdraft or courtesy pay. The bank does not care whether you spent you spent it on three bills, invested it or stuck it in G-string, Spent is spent and don't matter if you had a good time or not. As I was saying to the other guy, I don't have a problem paying Free $8M for his skills. The issue is that he is not alone in that backfield and carrying two high priced backs probably won't (shouldn't) happen. Paying free elite money almost assures Teco will not be retained unless he just wants to be a Falcon and play for less cause his skillset will likely fetch similar money to Free.
  11. Will have to disagree. The cap does not care about the quality of the player(s). The cap is problematic when you pay too many players too much money. The good or bad of players is only relevant to whether we think it is worth it.
  12. Yeah we aren't connecting and that's ok, it will be what it will be. The issue isn't Free! The issue is having too much money invested in positions. Let me lay out what I am saying one more time. Yes re-signing is usually cheaper, that's why Schraeder and Rocky were signed mid-season but that only works to a point. You're just keeping other teams from being able to run up the price, you're not getting a discount (unless the player's agent sucks). $8M is a premium for a running back, especially one that splits carries. My point was not that Free was breaking the bank but that if Teco continues to improve and ball out just as we would hope, we will struggle to afford a $14-15M (assuming he could get $6-7M) backfield. I doubt we'd be able to keep Teco unless he falls way off (at that point why would we want him). This is all future speculation and as you clearly pointed out, I will not be able to "prove" to you that we could have this problem in the future.
  13. Jesus. I have no idea why I typed 6. Yeah I'd definitely let him walk at 3-4M more. Maybe not wise to post in a loud club while drinking and smoking hookah. As I posted a million years ago, he should max at Doug Martin money at right around 8.
  14. Anything over $6M is out of the market for feature backs not on rookie contracts or special cases. Free is not a feature back but he will probably get it as he would be for another team. If someone would pay him 9-10, I'd be inclined to let him walk but I'm not sure the FO would.
  15. That's a distinction without a difference. A big contract is a big contract no matter where a guy played before. The cap makes no distinction between $10M/ yr for Free or $10M/ yr Poe. You can only pay so many big bucks. Like I said, this is not about Free, it's math. It'll be what it'll be.