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  1. Thanks. For what its worth hope Baker does fall in the second as I am becoing a big fan the more i see of him.
  2. Nice. All of our first four draft picks stepped up huge this year!
  3. I guess the DE/OLB type would be my prefrence. Some one who can rush the passer but also hold down the run as Vic still has problems with that. OG wouldnt be a sexy pick in first but would be fine with it as you need a good O Line and dont know what they think of Wes. I still disagree DE pool is a deep as FS but will admit more casual fan of collage football then hardcore so could be wrong. Stand by Walterfootball comments, guy has never made sense to me!
  4. Disagree. But will trust Quinn long as it isnt Walters Draft, guy is an idiot!
  5. Maybe. But there is more depth in this draft of good FS then DE. Think you can find starters for FS in second maybe third round. DE will go quick and Vic needs help as Clay cant stay healty and every one else is rotational.
  6. Really only see one starter, two at best, and hate going FS in lst. Got to go DE/LB there and if Baker or other top FS there in 2nd then okay.
  7. Love Riddick but short of him robbing a liquor store he is not fallong to us. .
  9. Cant see us going S 1st round although am liking baker more and more. Lawson has toughness but alot of injuries and not that flexable so think could do better round 2. Dont know much about Dalvin but fine with the pick. Would rather go LB in the 4th if we dont in third as we have enough CBs especially if you add Baker in the first. Still lacking a OG but dont know how Quinn feels about Wes so I give the Mock a C.
  10. Seen some mocks with Saints taking Reddick. Sorry we cant get him but would feel horrible if the aints did!
  11. depth and fight for roster spot
  12. Good player but cant see moving up for him. Actually agree with alot of people good draft to move back in since the talent so close and we dont have a 6th.
  13. The guy had one kick off return for TD in a preasson game so I agree to point. Seahawks picked him up but dont think hes still on the team.
  14. Dont think Harris will still be around at 31 and have seen Lawson drop to 2 and 3rd round in some mocks.
  15. Great news!! Now concentrate on DE, OG, and FS in the Draft.