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  1. Knew who I meant. just having a little fun dude.
  2. Not going to matter if your coach keeps calling quarterback draws. Speaking of dreams think Newton still has nightmare about denver head hunters and deion Jomes knocking him out.
  3. Really not seeing how Willis or Lamp are worth a 1 and 3, especially Lamp. Seems like best bet is to stay put since this draft deep defense,
  4. Didnt know that, thanks for update. A rule change I actually like.
  5. You cant trade comp picks or did you mean you would still have a third round comp pick? Also Font is good but I dont think three picks good do you?
  6. Ive heard the opposite but rumors are everywhere this time of year. Just hope that if we do trade up its no more than a 4th because we arent so stacked that we dont need guys, I know proably a 3rd at least but a guy can hope.
  7. Think if they want willis they can stay at 31. Giants spent a boat load of money on defense so dont know why they would go there in the first round. See a lot of draft sites with rushers slipping into 2nd round like harris and Mckinnley so wouldnt move.
  8. Think you forgot we dont have a 6th round pick.
  9. No way Obi and Tim fall that far. Dont know much about the rest of the guys but okay with the positions.
  10. Tru and Collins manning the sides and alford at the slot is a nice combo for next couple of years. Should put a end to people mocking a CB to us in the 1st and second rounds.
  11. I remember alot of people on this board had him in their mocks but in the 3rd round. No way he would have lasted that long, glad Q pulled the trigger.
  12. Really good. Dont know if Cards give up that much for QB though. Their players geting older and they lost campbell too such they will be rebuilding.
  13. Untrue. Just last year traded with Houston to go down 2 spots in the second round and got a sixth out of it.
  14. I know alot of people on the Reddick train and Iike the guy too but dont see it happening. We had to trade our 1,3, and 6 to get Tru by just moving a few spots. Even getting to the superbowl we still have some holes to fill and cant spend it on one guy.
  15. Looks like mostly 7th round or UDFA to me.