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  1. I never got to hang with you, but I did with some of the other posters.... But I am down and will be there. I'll bring the Kentucky Bourbon Ale that my Kentucky friend has me hooked on.
  2. Lol. I mean like how they have the NFL redzone, they should have one for college. And instead of highlights of all the touchdowns, do highlights of the top hits
  3. I would like to see a top 25 hardest hits/offensive hits each week for college. Is that too much to ask for?
  4. 0-16 staring is in the face
  5. I agree
  6. I get into numbers and conspiracy and pointed out a ton of things using Fibonacci, gematria and other types. But I promise y'all this one is not me. Lol
  7. If we are taking 200 cars, sure. But we are talking semi trucks and etc and up to thousandssssss of cars a day.
  8. stupid Union. I don't care what people say for player safety. it's a hard hitting game. if you don't like it, go play jump rope or something...... I don't like playing Knife games. Therefore I do not play it and call people idiots.
  9. I was about to say Ban, based on the topic title. You might want to change it to where people do not think you are saying "F Dan Quinn".
  10. Yep, go to the tag office and get a real license plate.
  11. What kind of jobs is it?
  12. I feel the same. I don't care about what anyone says about this season before a game is played. I care about what we actually do
  13. Tell me what's wrong with getting Mario Williams and Jared cooks? Cut Shelby as well. And use that money to maybe put towards Bryan schwenske for RG that is decent. And then drafting the best DT available at 31 or trading back and getting the best at that spot we draft back to and then selecting BPA after that.
  14. So now we have money to spend the way I like it. Which is get two guys who make 4-6 million a year. Instead of one really amazing guy.
  15. Show me where on Teddy bear it hurts you? Bro, look, sure there is other boards. But there is no forum's on this board. Also I never heard you freak out over my pictures for Atlanta steam (women's lingerie) So take a chill pill. If a forum was made I get your point. But there isn't...... A lot of us like it here with friends we know. (Something you might try to get is some friends) Oh and please keep replying with your butthurtitis. Not only is it cute, but it also bumps this thread for others to join in the conversion of sitting Atlanta United!!!!
  16. @King Jigsaw did you watch the game?
  17. I missed it. I'm working. But I'll watch the it.
  18. Guys do NOT tell @King Jigsaw. He gets really butthurt when someone mentions soccer in tatf for some reason. My guess is his male order bride left him for a 4A highschool soccer team.
  19. Bullcrap. Dude is after just a couple more million more than a ring.
  20. 100% agreed.
  21. Exactly
  22. But but people said they've been building a line through draft. And they've really turned the team around due to doing that.