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  1. That is awesome. thank you for sharing this.
  2. People thought we have to let go of trufant????
  3. This
  4. I just deal with CarMax. I loved how they did me on my wife car. Also I'm shocked on that Santa Fe. But I think majority of car makers brought their game up. But I wonder if Toyota kept going up or is staying at that 250k Mark
  5. I talked to my mechanic. And he is still sold on Toyota Rav 4. But the Ford has greatly improved. And he hates GMC. Lol
  6. I wish that would have happened
  7. K, I will give it to you instead.
  8. I'm in Grayson but I venture up there once a year
  9. I love my wife's Ford fusion.
  10. I might be having a closer eye this season. Good things are in the making
  11. agreed
  12. yeah leases are not bad like people think. But I drive all over the place with my photography and roofing. roofs I am driving every day. photography I drive all around the southern states each week. and then I go out west sometimes. So 6,000 miles from one week is not unheard of from me. but I average 500+ a week.
  13. Awesome. Did anyone let @King Jigsawknow about this? I know he wants to be here 24/7