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  1. I'll take 53/47 average or less, with 59-60% when situation deems Birds are down multiple scores.
  2. Ha! I give em both 2 victories! Yeah 51 was phenomenal for both. I still rank previous HCs higher. Gibbs is the top. 3 different QBs and 3 victories!
  3. Hang on. One regular season game! Al Davis once had a spy on the New York Jets team bus taking down notes in the 1970s?. Jimmy Johnson had the SF field dimensions , including turf grade drop off and rise meticulously noted before an NFC championship game. One game is not a barometer of a coach's career compared to 7 years of DOCUMENTED notes/vcr tapes/playbooks--that were destroyed by Kraft-backed/supported Roger Goodell.
  4. On a bad day I will take 53/47. For that pass-laden attack a QB needs a perfectly healthy O line and a 1970s Steelers front 7.
  5. Round to nearest tenth: 57.7: 60; 42.3: 40. 60/40 may win a collegiate championship, but guareentees disaster in NFL. Defenses would have figured out Shannahan in 2017. Glad Sarkasian has arrived.
  6. He looks like Steve Martin's brother, Smitty. Dude, I gotta disagree on GOAT regarding Belichek or Brady . Maybe you're being humorous. If not ,see ESPN story on 7 years of laborious/intensive cheating from 2001-7 by Belichek. Marion Jones and Lance Armstrong were stripped of their medals/titles. I invalidate New England's Super Bowl victories in 2002, 2004 and 2005. Gibbs, Johnson, Walsh and Knoll never outlandishly cheated for regular/post season games. I give NE credit for 2/5 SB victories. But I know you're being funny on GOAT moniker.
  7. Vandy, even Andy Reid at his worst wasn't this unbalanced. To your credit, Smitty fully believed in the Run preserving Defensive strength. It's a good thing Sarkasian is here and his hire should signal that Quinn has learned his lesson. Throw 57% of the time and that destroys any chance of maintaining/preserving a lead and/or winning a crucial game let alone defensive pressure on QB. Mike Shannahan was never that unbalanced in Denver. I truly wonder why Kyle is? Regardless, moving on to even better days.
  8. 7th paragraph should frighten everyone on this page who believes in balance and Defensive rest: Atlanta threw on 57.7% of its plays versus 42.3 % run during 2016. Thats playoff and Super Bowl suicide via the pass. Balance not a Run and Shoot hybrid WCO is hopefully what Sarkasian installs. I don't even shake my head at late 3rd quarter onward of SB LI now.
  9. Hang on. Not so fast, wise guy. You're not settling foot in the apartment without bringing peach cobbler. And 2 clowns is just the beginning. There's a rat's nest on the Anything But Football Forum. Bugsy Siegel probably has a grandson with a sociopathic streak. Find him. No peach cobbler from Mrs Vandy means no entrance.
  10. I'll make that chicken dinner myself if you get on the horn to AMB and tell him the Jewish Brooklyn Mob needs to take care of a list of boarders . ( I will PM the list. Cement shoes are too nice an option. List is in the tens.) You give me a name and cell of the mobster and I will start looking at recipes.
  11. "Embrace the SUCK and kill the opposing QB in the Super Bowl, then WIN it!"
  12. Hammer needs to rejoin the Falcons, Old School #Brotherhood!
  13. Agree. Freeney needs to go into coaching.
  14. Preach it. Hope he watched last 4' 40" of Super Bowl as well as late 3rd quarter on and asked himself, What could I have done differently with one RB and and backup RB , a banged up Center, struggling LT and 2nd string RT with a winded Defense? Sarkasian hopefully will put arrogance aside and adjust his game plan to what ICE MAN sees and how the flow of the game is pacing. The veterans on here have said it, "SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!"