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  1. John Fogarty, Center field
  2. Unless there was a RDE/OLB clone of Lawrence Taylor, no one in this class, I would not do it. Need all our picks.
  3. Yep. Raiders leave to Vegas, I guarantee Bay Area fans will still call em Oakland.
  4. Uhhh, patriotism, referring to another character trait, besides entrepreneurship. One more facet of a great, well-rounded kid.
  5. He's better than Terrell in every way!
  6. Wow, what a true , humble hero! I remember seeing him proudly place his hand over his heart during the national anthem at a home game his rookie year! Dude is capitalist entrepreneur as well. Hail Julio!
  7. Seriously. People are bored. I know, let's talk about the supposed facts of Climate Change, segue into gun control, delve into abortion and end the rage fest with Darwinian Evolution and Biblical Creationism. Cue the MOD lock countdown: T minus 60, 59, 58, 57...
  8. Charles , I love MA flicks. Send me a PM. I don't come over to this forum because I value my sanity. TATF is divisive enough. Just watched Ip Man (2008) last night on Netflix.
  9. Enough said. Join the Feeney-Lawson Pile. Great prospects, but injury/concussion factor. If TD is gonna do a SAFE gamble, then Tim Williams Edge Alabama.
  10. Gdawg, great find. I think Choate nailed it. Based on last year's change up: Derek Rivers in 1st and Dorian Johnson in 2nd. The majority of NFL brass play the "What does Mel Kiper err...Mike Mayock say?" game in drafting. TMQ is very innovative and TD follows his lead. I see these 2 rising but off the conventional groupthink prospects as the first two picks.
  11. Props and thanks!
  12. Can't take any credit . Another boarder posted Walter list for me. After my semi fart senior moment passes, I'll give you his name.