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  1. Anyone remember Dallas offensive lineman Erik Williams? accused of sexual assault charges? They were a complete fabrication by a female opportunist.
  2. This is the MSM at its bottom-feeding worst. Until all the facts are known, don't report or leak it. No credible evidence, nothing substantive from witnesses. Get the young lady to the hospital and take care of her. Police should have quashed story until credible sources. Now it's an ESPN/TMZ excrement hype show!
  3. Sam, ICE faced the Top 10 D fronts all last season. I truly hope Cam is working on mechanics and plays this off season--that's it. No drama, nothing else. You're a class dude so no need to get Blank's Brooklyn Mafia on you like the Patriot goons or dispense with rivalry trash.
  4. Mike Ditka and Rickey Trade!
  5. But with acid not water, so that vision and cognition are completely impaired! Thus, trading up for #2 pick for McCaffrey, not Garrett or Reddick. Brilliant!
  6. This reminds of the Rankin Smith days: Big names with no sound fiscal/scheme/potential management/foresight or due diligence repeated over again and again!
  7. Cam is gonna be facing a brutal front 4 , with Poe in the mix, maybe Rivers or Willis too. Deion will be minor.
  8. The logical explanation is that Tom Benson wants Drew Bree's to get into the Hall via passing yardage, so grab a versatile HB like McCaffrey. The surest explanation is that Loomis is now on an out patient basis at New Orleans Grande Sanitarium.
  9. Just seeing Heath at my door would make me reach for the tactical baton. Skip? I'd be reaching for one of my bayonets. My wife would finish off both with her bare hands!
  10. He missed it. Heath will be watching the Draft with you, btw. Skip and Shannon will be over Friday! Good, huh?
  11. Loomis quit his day job! Saints are a hobby now!
  12. Denise publicly said she had no interest in managing team per media years back. She gave duties to husband John York. Lived my entire life in Bay Area. My wife is San Francisco fan. She just turns off TV when score gets ugly. John and son Jed are a clown car side show.
  13. So Loomis want AP and McCaffrey. Defense entering into the equation at all?
  14. Eddie D broke rules, but ran a winning franchise!