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  1. This is exactly what I think. DQ said in the presser that Duke is going to get snaps at WLB but they want to find ways to get he, Deion and De'vondre on the field at the same time. De'Vondre to SAM makes alot of sense. He had a good rookie season but I still don't see the instincts. He won't have to be as instinctual as a SAM and I like him rushing the passer. He's got a big frame and good speed.
  2. I thought the Bucs and Panthers had really good drafts. The NFC South is gonna be interesting. I wasn't a fan of the Saints draft though.
  3. What edge rushers did you like more that were still available? Taco or Watt? Willis?
  4. What did you think of Takk and Duke? I honestly didn't know who Harlow was. Kazee's name rings a bell. He had a lot of INTs in college so I like that.
  5. I really wanted Bucky Hodges at this pick but apparently he has some off the field issues that are scaring teams away. He did get drafted in the 6th by the Vikings though.
  6. Round 1 (26): Takkarist McKinley, DE UCLA Round 3 (75): Duke Riley, OLB LSU Round 4 (136): Sean Harlow, OG Oregon State Round 5 (149): Damontae Kazee, CB San Diego St. Round 5 (156): Brian Hill, RB Wyoming Round 5 (174): Eric Saubert, TE Drake What is your letter grade on the Atlanta Falcon's 2017 draft class? I like Takk alot, I didn't necessarily like trading up to get him. I also like Duke Riley but I didn't think LB was a pressing need when there were good guards still available where we were picking. Harlow seems athletic enough to be able to compete for a spot, but I don't think he'll be anything close to plug and play. Damontae Kazee could be interesting if we decide to play him at FS. It's hard for me to hate on a Dan Quinn draft because he's hit on so many guys since he got here. Just gotta trust in the process for now. I give the draft a B for now. I wanted to go a bit lower but I trust in Dan Quinn and his plans. What do you guys think?
  7. I like the pick, I was just surprised since we haven't addressed guard yet. I think he plays WLB and De'Vondre goes to SAM.
  8. That's a really good pick, but a surprising one. We must be confident in the guys we have already at Guard.
  9. Deion was great last year, I think he can have just as much of an impact as WLB though. Maybe even more.
  10. MLB. Shift Deion to WLB and send Campbell over to SLB.
  11. The only players I could see falling that I'd be willing to trade our 2nd for if they were there at #18 are Hassan Reddick, Reuben Foster or Derrick Barnett. I don't think anyone else worth it will really be available at #18.