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  1. Here's a good one of his hand usage. I could pull many more where his pad level is fine. He bends well around the edge and has a constantly revving motor. Idk man, we're picking at 31. We aren't picking in the top 15-20 like most other years. It's basically a 2nd round pick and we can't expect to have a complete guy at ANY position. It's going to be developmental but he's got all the tools to be a great player one day. People knock Rivers for elite competition, love to point to the WVU tape but I can pull a lot of different snips from that game where he looked great. People (not you necessarily) need to better understand run fits and what DC's are asking a lot of these guys to do.
  2. I watched the WVU tape. A lot of what people didn't like seeing from Rivers was scheme, not Rivers. A lot of people were knocking him for crashing down and creating outside lanes for RBs but he was coached to do that. It's so the RT doesn't get a clean release at the LB. Its how Youngstown played the majority of the game on defense. I don't think it was anything he was doing himself.
  3. My opinion is, production is production. He's got all the tools and I'd trust in the coaching staff to develop him just like they have all of our other draft picks, picks which many were underwhelmed with. Perfect scheme fit as the LEO. I think by mid-season he'd easily be an upgrade from Brooks Reed.
  4. I'd have zero problems with us taking Derek Rivers at 31. People are over thinking him because he went to a small school. He's good and has everything our staff looks for in prospects. Look at his testing times + production. Even at a lower level, if I guy knows how to get to the QB he knows how to get to the QB.
  5. Yep, this draft is loaded with safeties. Which may be even more reasons teams try and wait til rounds 2 and 3 to pull the trigger on one. Depth can often cause teams to try and wait on a position and go for something that doesn't have as much depth.
  6. How would you guys feel about black uniforms with red Oregon style shoulder pad wings?
  7. I love the way Budda Baker plays. He seems like a perfect fit in Atlanta's scheme as a FS. Looking at the list above I was very surprised to see we haven't worked him out. I'm hoping that we do eventually. A lot of people see him as a SS but imo, those people haven't watched much tape on the guy. He's SO fluid in coverage. It seems to come very naturally to him. I love his fit at FS and even as a CB. Those saying he's a SS are saying so based off his size and not the tape. My take on this is, while safety may also be a need for these other teams, most teams place a higher premium on positions such as Edge or CB. Much more likely that a team needing defenders at all levels will chose to upgrade a different position than safety. I think a part of us being in the running for a FS has a lot to do with scheme. Good safety place seems vital to our defense thriving, imo. Not the case for all schemes.
  8. I'd be happy with any of those guys in the first except maybe Evan Ingram. In the 2nd? Absolutely.
  9. This is basically my sentiment. I was very critical of the Keanu Neal pick. I thought it was a bit too rich for 17 and how wrong I was, obviously. After the last two drafts it's gotten to the point where I'm not too concerned with who we pick. DQ is gonna get his guys and they're going to be the right guys for what he's trying to do.
  10. Maybe not to the T, but I still feel like he plays with great speed/athleticism even if it doesn't COMPLETELY match his incredible combine. From the tape I've watched he looks incredibly natural in coverage as well. With the traits he currently has I think he can have just as successful a rookie campaign as Neal and Deion. I've been so impressed so far with Quinn's ability to develop the young guys on defense. He's so good at it.
  11. Here's to hoping he's available at 31. I'd personally love the pick. Any thoughts on this? Btw, I've been loving all of the reported players we've been working out/ attending pro days for.
  12. I absolute love the draft minus the James Conner pick. Good stuff though, if this is how it went down I think most fans would be juiced af.
  13. This guy Charles is a very good draft analyst. Falcons fan and has a podcast called Setting the Edge that I recently started listening to. He's very good and an Atlanta fan.