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  1. I dont think takk drinks lean.
  2. Sanu is really strong. Defenses cant deal with all this speed, size, and strength on our offense. Still looking for a game breaking tightend though.
  3. This. When i play madden most of my passes go to the slot; so i move Julio there.
  4. Freeman had all those yards and he hasnt slowed down yet, in fact hes speeding up.
  5. Well since you dragged it out of me...i like the Chargers roster this year. Especially their skill position players. There are only a handful of rosters that stick out to me this season.
  6. Calm down man. I just like the Chargers this year, thats all.
  7. There are five quarterbacks i like for MVP next season and Rivers is one of them.
  8. No love for the Chargers offense.
  9. This is a playoff team hands down. The Patriots roster is the only roster that can match up with us top to bottom. Giants, Cowboys and the Packers rostera look good, but other than that we shouls blow out a couple teams this upcoming season.
  10. Sounds like both. If he isnt tough then Quinn wont even look in his direction.
  11. Gosh darn it. All that speed. I didnt watch him or these Steelers this past season.
  12. Pittsburgh cuts Green due to a failed physical. Anybody have any insight as to whether the Falcons should pursue this guy? I think he gets a job somewhere around training camp time.
  13. I dont think "lily-white" was meant to he racist. Lilys can be white flowers.
  14. I dont want any falcons on the cover of madden. Im fine with blowing teams out in the playoffs and regular season.
  15. Yea i know! Very interested to see this team take the field. Even the preseason games. Fuller is guy i want to see play ans develop.