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  1. I was on Kyle Bollers bandwagon.
  2. Out of all the Dalvin Coom tape ive seen, i really like his strength and speed combination. That being said, i wouldn't trade Coleman for him...that just sounds asinine.
  3. Im pretty sure. At least one; when Tony was here.
  4. Toilolo has developed very well for us; and Matt trusts him obviously.
  5. Just going to touch on the Bortles subject reall fast...he sucks. More like top 20 though, so he wont be the worst QB in the league. He has too much talent for that. He needs better command of hia passes and a couple of off seasons training with Qb coaches should help him pick his spots better.
  6. How can you duct tape youre hands if their is duct on your hands?
  7. I always trade for him in Madden. Line him up as my TE2.
  8. Hes tough and versatile, I think thats the draw.
  9. We definitely benefit from having both of them.
  10. Aldrick/Weems<Roberts/Fuller....hopefully...
  11. Worrilow can hang still hangout with Matt when Matt visits Matt.
  12. The only thing i take solace in is that we still have Ryan, Jones, Sanu, Coleman and Freeman. Those guys tore up defenses last year. Seeing Coleman breakaway on so many runs and Jones stiff arming NFL players on his way to the endzone gives us bragging rights over every other team other than the Pats.
  13. Im sold. Id imagine he would get picked up in the 2nd so that wouldnt be so bad i guess? Lol, ok.
  14. Young Brooks?