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  1. sounds like he is in some hot water
  2. hopefully the hawks come out with that fire tomorrow night, the crowd needs to be on fire
  3. hawks played terrible in games 1 and 2 and still could have won, yesterday was great i think we take the series in 6
  4. dennis makes me miss jeff hard for me to say
  5. no wonder he went crazy
  6. sub pattern was bad and the new starting 5 i am not a fan of prince is not a nba starter right now
  7. good lord beal and wall combine for 67 points good job to our defense
  8. point blank we got a bunch of guys and bud aint pop, we will be out by monday most likely and wash is not even that good either
  9. well it means a lot to some thats the reason he is lazy on D and does not get aggressive on the offensive boards