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  1. Unfortunately, it was our 2000 1st round pick for the Ravens' 2nd round pick at #42. http://www.myajc.com/sports/football/temper-those-hopes-the-falcons-don-need-much-from-this-draft/43jw8wFTfVvLOgakH5xvlL/ Savvy in 1999’s Round 1 1999, Dan Reeves and Co. then got silly. The Falcons, who had no No. 2 pick when that draft began, traded their No. 1 pick in 2000 to Baltimore. This was done so the Falcons could snare Reggie Kelly, a tight end from Mississippi State, in Round 2. Never mind that the Falcons already had two pretty fair tight ends in O.J. Santiago, hatcher of the Dirty Bird, and Brian Kozlowski. Reeves wanted a third, which was indeed an attempt to add strength to strength — a power-running team sought to get more powerful. That part of it made sense, sort of.
  2. This. Patrick Kearney turned out to be a real good pick in 1999 after the SuperBowl. But trading the next year's #1 to move up to pick Reggie Kelley was an absolute waste of resources and hurt the franchise, not only for that season but the next several seasons also.
  3. Coincidence or the curse? Within days of being picked for the cover, Tommy-boy's wife is spilling her guts out about about his concussions the he surely didn't want the NFL to know about. The curse is just getting started with trouble for Tommy. I kid and the NFL's investigation may reveal no infractions but I think it's funny that within days of Brady mocking the curse, his wife is unexplainably talking about stuff that SURELY Tommy-boy would have told her not to talk about, almost like she couldn't help herself.
  4. I wanted Ryan. We HAD to have a QB to build the franchise around and he was the best one coming out of college that year. After losing Vick and being tortured by having to watch Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich in 2007, we had to have Ryan more than Dorsey. BUT I sure as heck didn't expect him to exceed to this level.
  5. If we're sick of all the Kyle Shanahan glorification, you better believe the Falcons offense is. The motivation to prove otherwise will be high.
  6. LMAO
  7. No kidding. We had a ton of 80+ yard drives thanks to the defense struggling to get off the field and Weems fair-catching so much inside the 20-yard line. I won't be surprised if this number is cut in half just because of the expected improvement in the defense and punt return units.
  8. You are correct. I definitely had my info on the Simms brothers wrong. My point is correct but not with him.
  9. It's called lazy journalism. Too easy to say "their OC left so the offense will fall off drastically" instead of doing actual research.
  10. Our current unis would look a whole better if the sleeves were just one color instead of the tri-color design. Well, we are obviously not getting newly designed uniforms this season. Back to praying for the return of the black pants.
  11. Simms may not be good enough to be a regular starting QB in the NFL but based on last preseason, he might be good enough to make a dang good living as a #2 QB for 5 - 10 years.
  12. LMAO at you, you idiot. I added onto the original post. Now proceed to continue being butthurt.
  13. Just the other morning, Hugh Douglas on 92.9 the Game said he wished he had done other forms of training besides just the regular weight-lifting and running, believing it could have bought him a few more seasons in the NFL.