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  1. See, I don't understand this. I thought the rookie Hooper did a really good job last season and expect even more this coming season. And Toilolo is Toilolo: good blocking with some clutch catches here and there. But, I see other posters also saying that TE is an area that needs upgrading so perhaps I'm wrong.
  2. Yep. John Gilliam ,who played #2 receiver to Ahmad Rashad with the Vikings before the really good if not great Sammie White came along. He showed absolutely nothing while playing for the Falcons. Pierce Holt is another one. Plenty more.
  3. No way Brees is giving up passing for 5,000 yards just to get AP more touches. Not gonna happen.
  4. I was hoping the Saints would sign him.
  5. The rest of the NFC south waiting for inevitable AP meltdown over not getting enough touches:
  6. I assume Heath Evans has already proclaimed the Saints as his NFC favorite to face the Patriots in the Super Bowl.
  7. Who do I report your behavior to? I've seen you attack other posters on here too. You told another poster a few weeks ago "well that shows what kind of person you are", which seemed to be a personal and political attack on what their beliefs seemed to be. That's crossing a line.
  8. You here to moderate the boards, not give me or anyone else life advice.
  9. I wonder if Falcons players also can't stand this moron?
  10. TD and Quinn better be dang sure before doing this.
  11. Yea, we will be a different team. We'll be a team whose OC isn't such an insecure egomaniac who won't allow his MVP QB to audible out of bad playcalls to plays that SAVE your team from COMPLETING a 25-point meltdown to blow a cinch SuperBowl championship. Screw you, Kyle! Screw you, Heath!
  12. Wow. So I guess according to him, Matt and Julio go back to being a couple of average Joes without Kyle. Can't wait till the day he gets fired from NFL Network for doing something stupid.
  13. Forget it. Not worth getting into over.
  14. Nobody wants Ryan gone to get this guy. It was sarcasm based on a so-so college QB smelling himself way too much.
  15. I just saw the following on nfl.com. Are any of your fellow fans starting to wonder where Cam's true interest is? Football or the fashion world? http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000801384/article/cam-newton-outfit-works-because-im-dripping-goo BTW, isn't that a really disturbing title? "... dripping goo"?