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  1. Everybody should ignore @SamMills51. Nothing but a troll.
  2. LOL at the troll. Couldn't think of anything intelligent to say and took the easy way out.
  3. Is Vernon Davis simply a case of a stud player who once he got his fat contract decided to "unofficially" retire while still playing?
  4. The Falcons fan's prayer: "Dear God, please let the successor to Matt Ryan be just as good as the one to Brett Favre in Green Bay. Amen"
  5. Patriots AT Steelers next season. No way that's opening night with Patriots on the road.
  6. Did it ever cross your mind that picture could be there out of respect to a deceased relative? You "hate to say it" but you did it anyway. Sad.
  7. Again, what is the major malfunction with you lame-brain Patriots fans that you feel you have to "moderate" our boards? So what if not everybody bows down to altar of Tom and Bill. You morons make Saints fans seem highly intelligent.
  8. This isn't your board, boy. Where do you get off expecting respect here when you're just here to troll? GTFO
  9. I woudn't care if you shot yourself in the head and blew your worthless brains out. Not that I want you to die or anything. I just figure such an act would actually increase your intelligence level.
  10. I had always heard Bostons fans had an inferiority complex caused by their insecurity over New York City being better than Boston in everything. This inferiority complex obviously causes Boston sports fans to spaz out whenever and WHEREVER someone dares to question their sports gods. I guess it does suck knowing that no matter how many titles your sports teams win, even the ones accomplished by cheating to a certain degree, New York City will ALWAYS be Boston's daddy at everything. And don't even bother replying with "Atlanta only has 1" because that will NEVER change the fact that Boston will always be NYC's bi+ch.
  11. You're an effing idiot. Maybe you're not aware of what went on with Kyle Shanahan after Matt Ryan connected with Julio on what would have and should have been one on the greatest, most clutch catches in Super Bowl history. It has come out on radio shows down here that our offense (per Sanu) was questioning in the huddle WTF was going on with Kyle Shanahan not running the ball after that catch to set up for an EASY game-clinching FG with not enough time left on the clock for the Pats to come from 11 down. See you idiotic Patriots troll boys don't realize that KS arrogance doesn't allow for the QB (even one like Matt Ryan who has demonstrated he can audible with the best) much of any lattitude to audible. One freaking play will he allow his QB to audible to on a given play. Now imagine Tom Brady being limited like that by his OC and BB just standing there letting it happen. That's just the kind of arrogant jacka$$ that KS is. It got swept under the rug this season because of all the points but it was a HUGE point of contention last season to the point that many thought KS should be fired for his handling of Matt Ryan after that first season. Sure, the offense put up a ton of points but KS's ego cost us at times during this season and most definitely at the end of this SuperBowl while our HC Dan Quinn just stood there instead of pulling in the reins on KS and ORDERING run plays to set up a gimme FG by our ProBowl selected kicker Matt Bryant.
  12. Admit it. You thought the game was as good as over when we went up 28-3. I bet you were hurting then.
  13. Again, why are these idiotic Pats fans so insecure that they keep coming here to make sure no one speaks badly of their two "gods"? These are the Falcons boards. If you don't like us not bowing down to your "gods", tough.
  14. Stupid a$$ Patriots fan still coming here. Why are y'all so insecure that you keep coming here to make sure everyone is bowing down to King Bill and Prince Tom? Must be lack of penile size that makes y'all so insecure. BTW, we gave y'all a severe beatdown for 3 quarters. That was no fluke. The fluke was how everything broke your way (including stupidity by the Falcons) in the 4th quarter. You can't acknowledge just the 4th quarter without acknowledging the a$$-whipping the Falcons put on the Patriots in the first 3 quarters. I hope we get you flukes in the opening game in Fartboro. You won't escape next time.