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  1. Not gonna give TD CREDIT! Nope, will... not... ad.... mit... it! Must.... resist... lol
  2. I can't remember the company but I remember the commercial from back in the 80s! My Dad use to love that one!
  3. Yeah, or John Smith. That's a good common Christian name that is easy to pronounce!
  4. That's what she said! How could I have missed this opportunity so badly earlier!
  5. Well.. At least twenty of them anyways. Lol
  6. Already been out with Jam. And yes, it was at a place FULL OF Shenanigans!!!!
  7. Makes sense to me. Falls right in line with The sports Media today.
  8. EXACTLY!! May even end up watching Shoe Modelers at some point in the day too and be home BEFORE we get into trouble. We Old like that! :-D
  9. Oh, That'a an easy one, Matt Bryant and it isn't even close! I see beer drinking in our future! lol
  10. Not sure about it counting, butt it sure does look nice! :-D
  11. Hey, I just woke up! Give me a second! Lol
  12. Well played young man, well played!!!
  13. Maybe he MEANT David, which would make this EXTREMELY funny.