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  1. It is not a Smoke Screen! It is just Jabrill P. Clearing his mind!
  2. Which is also a Screen or Smoke, Covered!
  3. Now that's something that is worth a hands on investigation!! Butt.. Even with that said, they are more accurate than that "other" network.
  4. Actually, TMZ won't release it until its true for real... Unlike ESuckPN!
  5. Yepper, they come at you at all angles!
  6. That's a lot to ask of a 23 yr old. I would do what appears this kid did do and stay in the public(witnesses) when around young ladies and make sure I go home alone!
  7. Not sure IF I would take a Hooker at 31 either!
  8. Never understood why an organization would Sign a +30 RB and pay him more for what you could get out of an UDFA... Shhh... But Don't tell the Taints I said that! lol
  9. Oh... The only thing better would be for them to make that same trade for a Kicker! ROTFLMAO!
  10. Pretty sure.. Jackson is Painting Art in a studio right about now. lol
  11. You can send them all, Back back back back back!
  12. Well that is VERY good to know. Especially if we all have to shower after a game.
  13. All I need after that is Chris Berman and I would be Committing Harry Carey!