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  1. Well if you recall, since you like to do that so much, I told you "you cannot be this way and have many if any friends". That is more of a fact, but I guess in your head you think that's judging. And since lord knows I am a sinner too, I will be there with gasoline drawls on! Isn't that right @BIRDLAND 2.0!?
  2. Oh don't worry, folks that judge people are in that line too! So pretty sure they will have a spot for you there as well!
  3. I wouldn't say that too much around these parts! But to each their own!
  4. One had nothing to do with the other. If anything you could say if there was no Arthur Blank there wouldn't have been either.
  5. Unless this is Staring Bert Reynolds and Eddie Albert it is not The Longest Yard! (one of the greatest sports movies of Hi-sto-ry!)
  6. Was just about say that. Sadly, he HAD the ability as well...
  7. Now that's a bunch of Chuckery!!! I heard the interview and I say it's time!
  8. That works sometimes, but I have done before with no success as well. wouldn't be a bad step to try still.
  9. I have gotten that page before. It's more of an error loading page
  10. I see it as him having to work a little to separate from our LBs and then Neal working a little bit to separate him!
  11. That's what SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. That's IF he can shake Campbell first. Gotta love the way we have two layered ourselves!