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  1. Anybody else find it ironic that the John's Creek logo is borrowed from the 49er's and a certain someone that Roddy didn't really like is now the head man in charge????
  2. My Reaction........ @BIRDLAND 2.0
  3. I want to shake this man's hand at Training Camp and get an autograph
  4. He started "Gurlie to Atlantie"
  5. You guys realize we have him under contract thru 2017..... Right????
  6. I really hate speculation articles sometimes
  7. "Under Simpson, the Wolves appeared in 10 consecutive state finals, despite moving from Class AA to AAAAA over the last five years. In total, Simpson spent 22 yards...." I've read enough, fire him
  8. Can we have a copy of your most recent, and most relative, NFL coaching and/or scouting experience?
  9. I'll cut the mutha that quotes this 'ish
  10. I'm just here for the Jessica Simpson gifs
  11. I'd like to buy a vowel?? **** wrong place for that