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  1. How can someone who can't catch be 2nd in the nation among TE in receiving?
  2. He will be cross trained there afaik but no word that he will be full time.
  3. lol if you think he was even asked about 3 of those.
  4. Which part, the physicality or the speed? Because he didn't value either of those.
  5. Kind of like the guys who weep like a a teenage girl who just started her 1st period?
  6. Not sure if serious or oblivious.
  7. Hold up is this cat wearing sun glasses indoors AND have a mullet that's bleached in the back? **** yes.
  8. This is what I'm hoping and obviously they know more than me but I feel like the players will be long gone.
  9. So 1 guy? k
  10. I hate trading down like this. How often do you get anything worth while in the 5th?
  11. Why do people keep mentioning SF when he wasn't worth a piss till Shanny was gone....
  12. They traded for Dwayne Allen.
  13. I think Tak is his nickname.
  14. Honestly didn't think I really needed to put that in purple. On a side note I am glad that you like the pic I don't respond to you much but you're one of the people on this board who's opinion I really value when it comes to these things.