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  1. Yes they were seen having dinner over the Super Bowl weekend. Then the speculation began.
  2. Gotta love speculative articles with zero credibility.
  3. Nope we'll be stuck with the same ugly *** uniforms for another year. Even if they just changed the pants to black it would be a ton better.
  4. We have like 3 guys who have suposedly harmed another human being. Just saying.
  5. Can compete for G and possibly be a swing tackle. Good low risk signing.
  6. I'm thinking one of Shelby or Clay gets cut an
  7. If we draft a guard in the 2nd, he's not camp competion. He's the unofficial starter.
  8. You're on our MB. Go back to your powder blue pu$$y board if you don't want us bashing your overpaid, over rated, childish bitchboi QB.
  9. That's why I mentioned it.
  10. And its only 13 pounds. I could lose that in a month without losing strength and he weights 150 pounds more than me.
  11. Trade them Tru and Freeman for him and Lynch's rights.
  12. You should eat more and put some PB on them if you're 6'0 165.
  13. Terrible idea, you want to talk about a reach? That's a reach.
  14. Would rather just draft Mixon if he's still around.