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  1. Film has lied plenty of times. I'm not sure why the "film don't lie" saying is a thing.
  2. Bpa wouldn't have been gurley no matter how long we've been drafting bpa, champ.
  3. I thought you did it by taking a rb in the top 10 over the leagues leading Zack artist. Silly me
  4. butt hurt
  5. Sanu is the epitome of the brotherhood.
  6. A loss is a loss. The rest is semantics.
  7. My mock that year had us transitioning to a 3-4 and drafting Mack and Kyle Van Noy in the first two rounds, I was half right....haha
  8. Lots of guys on the board I like more than Hall, mainly Bowser and Willis, but in that scenario I'd probably just stay put and take the BPA. Jabrill Peppers. That's an easy call really. No, he's not an ideal single high, but Quinn is smart enough to adjust the role to suit him...
  9. 3 offensive linemen in an extremely sub-par OL draft? This is the exact opposite of playing to a drafts strengths.
  10. So why use a 1st round pick on one?
  11. I heard Malik Hooker could fall and that teams are re-checking his medicals.......maybe?
  12. I still say let somebody fall. Look at this: Myles Garrett Solomon Thomas Derek Barnett Taco Charlton Charles Harris Derek Rivers Jordan Willis Hasson Reddick Tyus Bowser Tim Williams There's a LONG list of pass rushers in this draft. They can't all go before 31. This draft is too stacked @ the DB position for that to happen. Also 3 RBs are likely to go before we pick too. Stay put or trade down. Somebody, or multiple somebodies are going to drop.
  13. If we made this trade, Houston is perfect as it puts us one spot in front of seattle who will likely take a 'like' player since we run the same scheme.
  14. Frank Clark. Watch this. Zero 'bendy' type stuff and straight up winning with bull rushes and hand fighting. I think Clark looks a little quicker on film here, but he's also being allowed to just go out and attack.