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  1. Oh yeah I knew that...
  2. I'll second that!
  3. Did I just Jenks us?
  4. Um.. I don't get it.
  5. That's cause they're the ******* Chargers. AKA Jaguars West Coast.
  6. Matt Ryan's contract has not nor is a hindrance to this team.
  7. If you had him I can dig it now.
  8. Lol! You forgot your Cam jersey
  9. Were gonna be a legendary defense soon bank on it!
  10. Someone create a fake Cam Newton twitter handle and tell him he's a homo.
  11. A- really? Wow only because earlier this afternoon you sounded pissed saying (paraphrasing) "7th round talents...I'm going to bed". This makes me feel better hearing your grade!
  12. I absolutely love Tak and Duke. I am a bit disappointed in the 5th rounders. I was hoping for some front seven guys.
  13. Vandy I love your posts and think you're awesome. But I personally cannot stand Smitty or Cookie. That's just me.
  14. Yep Smitty never had a direction he stuck with. We're a 3-4 team..,no I mean a 4-3 team. Explosive plays..,, Don't celebrate Asante... I hope they keep Cookie and Smitty a long time down there.