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  1. That 2012 team was the pinnacle of a 5 year run with Smith. Old team. Horrid drafting & an uninspiring coach that players completely tuned out. "History is not on our side" is such a pessimistic attitude that really means diddly ****. Extemely happy that this regime doesn't have that same attitude.
  2. Exactly its like "Which is Faster a Lamborghini Huracan or a Ford Focus SVT?"
  3. Thank you. Hate these stupid threads
  4. He's not afraid of Mild Peppers.
  5. Amen. We swear this board is just ... ****.
  6. He hasn't played a snap & you want to speculate on if we extend him???????
  7. I've talked about that with some other folks. As I recall (won't ever watch that game again until we win a ring). The Patriots tied the game with 47 seconds left on the clock. Run the clock down to 1 second 4 times in the 4th & ball game. I don't blame this on Ryan however. I think Shanny was in the "lets get the defense on their heels & score, score, score as fast as we can" mentality. Unfortunately it was a gamble that backfired.
  8. Good points. Yeah I guess I focus a lot of my frustration from the 2008-2012 playoff debacles on Smitty. Seems we had the talent to get us farther just not the coaching. That's all hindsight & speculation though.
  9. Not trying to instigate you Vandy as your one of the best. Just my opinion is that Smitty had three big weaknesses 1. Failiure to identify and stick with team direction. 2. In game adjustments or lack thereof. 3. Overly conservative with play calling. Just my opinion. I appreciate him getting us over the winning seasons hump but he was never going to take us to where we all wanted to be.
  10. WOW! You called it to a T!
  11. ****** Smitty would never have been able to make the playoffs let alone make it to the SB starting 5 rookies on defense. Those same rookies would have been on the bench behind the likes of Kroy Bierman.
  12. Glad I don't have cable, dish or DirecTV
  13. Nice job but I think we don't have a 6th rounder this year right?
  14. Konz is the worst off the top of my head. Most disappointing is MV7 just because of what went down.
  15. Best coach we've ever had and its not even close.