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  1. Bob McGinn puts out these great articles every year. He finally published the DE evaluations.
  2. I'd be very surprised if Obi makes it to the Falcons. Some team like Seattle is going to snatch him up. A dude his size shouldn't as smooth and fluid as he is.
  3. I've now read two different people saying the Falcons have legitimate interest in Jordan Willis. One is Eric Galko who is pretty reputable and the other is this long time scout.
  4. They better not reach for an offensive lineman in this deep of a draft.
  5. If Tampa can get some better offensive pieces, they're going to be tough to deal with. I still like Atlanta's roster better overall compared to Tampa but they can have a pretty balanced team with a strong draft.
  6. Yep. Teams picking in the late first usually are drafting players with high second round grades. Unless the draft is incredibly deep with first talents, there is a vast amount of difference between the #17 and #31 pick.
  7. I'll be pissed if they take a Guard in the first round. Plus, I don't even think Lamp will be there when we pick.
  8. This line will be set once they draft an edge rusher with the first or second pick. Love this move. The linebackers in the back are going feast.
  9. Willis is a strange prospect. His combine numbers don't always show up on film but it definitely does from time to time. He's probably our best bet at getting an impact Edge player at 31. I'd be down with him or Watt being our pick.
  10. This team has to bring a new dimension to the table next season. We won't be sneaking up on anybody this time around.
  11. You wouldn't think the Patriots won the SB going by these moves. They're operating like a team that is devoid of talent.