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  1. Well I'm certainly glad you finally put a photo of yourself on the board. I know a lot of people have called you a horses azz, but now with the photo, we know what you actually look like. By the way, you need to see a dentist.
  2. ..........and this !
  3. Why is this man not in jail, or at least under investigation for interfering with our democratic process in our recent presidential election ? The Dimms have gone ape**** trying to prove Trump was colluding with the Russians to win the election with not one scintilla of evidence , much ado about nothing. Yet this man is allowed to pay "Protesters" to interfere with Trump's campaign, create violence and property destruction with not a peep from the Dimms. Soros almost caused the British economy to crash by shorting the Pound, thereby making himself a billionaire. He has also interfered with other economies in Asia. Soros is also behind the paid "protesters" on college campuses protesting Trump, his taxes, or his hair, all ridiculous. These nitwit miseducated thugs are paid to riot and cause havoc on anything Soros decides he doesn't like. He also pays similar thugs, wearing masks. and bearing clubs and sticks, to prevent any conservative speaker from making speeches on campus. The faculties, and even police departments have been intimidated against any action against the thugs and rioters. Universities are supposed to be bastions of free speech, not bastions of indoctrinated teenagers. Soros has not only interfered with our democratic process, he is interfering with our democratic society. I ask again, why is this foul man walking around free, instead of under arrest, or at least under investigation ?
  4. AARRRGG........ he hit me with it, I thought he would be out of ammo by now, anybody who has yet to be called a racist.........LOOK OUT !
  5. YOU calling someone else's posts drivel ? BWAHAHAHAHA, Mr Boat shoes.
  6. You call everybody you disagree with, a racist, give it a break dude. Save it for the white power gang.
  7. You could have been a successful comedian dude> You trust, Obama, the Clintons, Chris Matthews. and the weird looking chick who said she had trump's tax returns ?
  8. You just cannot be that dumb Drake. 90% of the time if you went to a falcons game and then walked to Turner Field, there would be no one there but you. For a lawyer you sure give some illogical scenarios. I'm sure a judge would have a field day with you.
  9. So anyone who disagrees with anything you say is a TROLL ????? That's a pretty narrow definition, but then again it came from you.
  10. And Scotty beamed them there in the first place, what a bunch of idiots I have unearthed.
  11. Falcons should have built their stadium on the North side..........where most of their fans are. But WAIT, the city of Atlanta and Fulton County gave the Falcons massive tax breaks and financed a major part of the Dome with a hotel tax........sound a bit familiar ? You just keep getting slapped down Drake.
  12. But you are ??? Calling someone a prick is not a discussion, it's a juvenile reaction when you know you are wrong , and are not intelligent enough to rebut a statement.
  13. You just will not accept a blatant fact, STUBBORN ! I think you ODed on Scrambledogs when you were 12 or you would never have gone to OBBURN or grown up so stubborn.
  14. Stop trying to cloud the issue with irrelevant comments. I never said weed was more dangerous than alcohol, you just made that up, you should be ashamed for doing that. The fact is that police probably arrest more blacks because more blacks use weed, that's only logical. You must get over the obsession that cops are out to get blacks. Cops are out to get people who break the law . More white people are arrested for embezzlement than blacks, by your logic, cops are out to get whites.
  15. So far the recent accusation has little evidence to support it. he had dinner with a woman and invited her up to his suite in the hotel. She refused, and they both left. That's not sexual harassment. If there is more evidence, it should come out. Men have been hitting on women since the beginning of time, and it will never stop, especially on older men as their chances with younger women decrease. It's not always the case, but in many instances, a woman sees a chance to blackmail a wealthy man into a payoff with a threat of a lawsuit, especially if he is famous. O'Reilly is single and there is nothing wrong with him hitting on a younger woman.....if that's ALL it is. I'm sure there will be a counter suit and it will be interesting to see ALL the facts come out. Either FOX is just going completely belly up because of sponsors leaving or because of the ridiculous PC virus that is rampant these days.