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  1. Oh well, just what I expected sooner ot later. any criticism of kappy is , wait for it.........RAAAAACIST !
  2. What an unpatriotic statement, shame.
  3. I haven't attacked everybody's profession, only those who have volunteered it, and who have attacked me repeatedly, that includes you. I choose not to flaunt my profession , I assure you that it is superior to yours in every way.
  4. talk about liars, My post wasn't an attack on you, it was an attack on the stupidity and unpatriotic actions of Kappy. Just mentioning you does not constitute an attack.
  5. Tatteltale, is that your accomplishment for the day ?
  6. YOU sir, are the embarrassment , Trump may well prove to be one of our better presidents. give the man a chance. he has only been President for a short time, and has accomplished much. All you want to do is to harp on his eccentricities.
  7. So you do approve of Kap insulting this great nation that gave him a chance to become a multimillionaire, instead of life in a third world nation ? Sad, so sad.
  8. You are clearly making up your own news, typical lefty.
  9. I didn't have to , the Obummers thought they were invincible , and stupidly did something that was clearly illegal.
  10. I want some of what you are smoking.
  11. You are the one showing your complete ignorance of the matter, some of these Obama people are going to jail, no doubt.
  12. Indeed, we were right, what they did is clearly illegal and Nunes said so. Pay attention or don't comment on something you know nothing about.
  13. Don't be a total idiot man. Nunes just announced his findings this afternoon, and several Obama people are in deep trouble. You would doubt it, even if they had evidence on video tape.
  14. For all you Trump haters, who said he was nuts for saying he had been wiretapped. It has just been disclosed that , in fact Trump associates and Trump himself had been surveilled "Dozens of times" during November, December and January. Names were not "Masked" as required by law, and the hunt is on now to find out who in the Obama administration is guilty of authorizing this surveillance. Looks like some of your favorite lefties might be going to Jail. Any one who even knew about this and did not tell Congress is guilty, that includes people in the State Department, Justice Department, Intelligence agencies, and .........OBAMA !! Oh this is going to be SO sweet !
  15. You mean like parsing words of someone else to make them mean what you want ? You should know how it feels to fantasize " beating people up, because you just did it. IT'S YOU DUDE !!!!