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  1. I stopped reading when they said Wes Schweitzer was a 7th round pick for the Atlanta Falcons. No, not really, but sounds like something some on here would say........has an impressive ring to it. But, good to hear Harlow is ahead of schedule in figuring things out. Hopefully we have our RG and LG of the future, already on the roster for the price of 6th and 4th round picks.
  2. What is Codeine? It is not a substance that gets you high. It numbs your pain. What do our dog friends do, they numb our pain. Pretty clever dude if you ask me!
  3. If Brady were honest, he would come and just say, "there was no luck involved with that game."
  4. I think you are right about the OL. Except for the OL, Ryan, and Julio, we can lose any one or two players anywhere else on the team an still thrive. Who would have we could have lost Trufant and made it to the SB. This team is deep.
  5. Sean has 32'' arms, some of the shortest drafted by the Falcons in recent memory. Usually players that played OT in college, with arm lengths under 33" have to convert to the guard/center position, as will be the case with Harlow. Is his NFL career done before he gets started, because of his arm length? This lengthy article will shed some light on that: This is long analysis on arm length and success in the NFL, so here is a paragraph on some the conclusions or non-conclusions, that Joe Mahoney comes to in his analysis, "Of the 40 long-armed players from the past 5 combines, 14 of the above players have gone on to be NFL starters (35%). Interestingly this is only a little better than the success rate of short armed players (12/42 = 29%). So the numbers lead us to the conclusion that most of you probably had before you started reading this article; arm length is an asset, but many other factors go into the success of an NFL offensive lineman (strength, flexibility, balance, quickness, intelligence, work-ethic and tenacity)." In essence Sean Harlow as an NFL tackle might have significant challenges to overcome, but as an OG/OC he has every opportunity to be successful, which is where the Falcons plan on him playing. I like him, and believe he has some intangibles that will make him an excellent pick-up for the Falcons.
  6. I definitely agree, and do not understand why that was done, even though the writer did know the distinctions. Thought about separating them myself, just for my own curiosity. But, you copied me on a response to a post that made the assumption that no one cares about OG's arm length. Some scouts/fans may consider it less important than others, but is it still a consideration, and important to some.
  7. My god! Proof of this, proof of that, what is it with some of the people on here? You would think this place is full of just graduated attorneys. Joe Mahoney was a writer for the Broncos and SBNation back in 2015, when this article was written. It took a lot of time to put this article/analysis together, and I think it is safe to say he spent the time doing so because of fans who cared. His reasoning for the research, "In recent years a great deal of scrutiny has been leveled at the arm length of offensive linemen. Can you be a successful offensive lineman with "T-Rex" arms?". He did not stop at Ts, he is including all OL, and explains why it is sometimes a benefit to have long arms at any OL position. Read the article, then you will know. There have been posts started here by fans with a concern about Harlow. We are up to two fans now, and I was on the border before reading the article, so that is 2 1/2. Now I know what **** is, arguing with some of the people on this Board for eternity!
  8. Fans say it is a 'thing', so it is a 'thing'. The main reason for posting the link/analysis is to show that it is not that important for the interior-line positions, just like you say. However, I would like to see how he does against Takk in practice, and those 35" limbs.
  9. I think he might be right about the left side and Chester (2016), not Mack and Schraeder.
  10. Sam Baker had +/- 33 1/2" arms, not T-Rex arms by definition. Sean Harlow has some of the shortest arms we have ever drafted. Schweitzer also has T-Rex arms (+/- 32 3/4"). I like them both very much, and if that is why they were available, and fell to us in the later rounds, then so be it.
  11. Its good you found all this, but I do not know what it proves. To reiterate my point earlier, we still do not know what went on behind the scenes, in the final analysis no one is going to say they did not want Ryan. I guess my burden-of-proof is a little higher. It is still my belief that if Mularky or TD made a decision to pick Ryan, that Blank locked them in to it and would have made that decision for them otherwise......... But, I really do not care, glad Ryan is our QB. I chimed in because the 2008 draft stands out, and I remember that draft very well. Our drafting has been than impressive up until the 2015 draft class. Not going to see any posters in my yard endorsing TD for U.S. Senate.
  12. None of us know anything for sure anyway, unless you are an insider of an NFL organization. Any opinions we have are just speculation. That is why my handle is 'cheap talk', anyone that is not an insider that thinks they know more than the rest of us, should call themselves 'cheap talk1' (we do have insiders on this board from time to time, but they are not involved in this argument).
  13. Do not get where are coming from with some of your comments, not from my posts? When did I ever discount Matt Ryan? Also, I remember the events around the 2008 draft as clear as today, Matt Ryan was a Blank pick. Do not care what TD said afterwards. If had not have picked Ryan, he would have had Blank to deal with. That is one of the few times Blank got involved in the Draft. My memory serves me, not your discourse. Why is it so important to you that TD look good? I for one do not give him the credit for building this team.
  14. No one is forgetting Mr.Ryan here, he is one of the best to ever play, but we went 4-12 with him in 2014 and 6-10 with him in 2015. What put us over the top was the acquisition of Mack, and the super successful drafts of 2015 & 2016. Not only did we have successful drafts, but they contributed almost immediately. This is something Blank lamented several years ago out loud, why do other team's draft picks come in and contribute and ours don't. Well he got his wish when and only when DQ, Pioli, and DT put their heads together. As far as Blank having say in the Ryan selection, you have to be be really naive to not see that he did. They may all have agreed on who they were picking, but Blank was not going to let the Falcons head office change their minds at the last second, and come out of that 3rd pick with anyone other than Mr. Matt Ryan...simple as that! I do not think Blank interferes very often, but there are times when even non-football people know the obvious. As far as the Julio pick, think that was TD all the way. After successes in 2008 and 2010, TD made the statement that the Falcons did not quantities of player/picks, but had the luxury of going out and getting a 'play-maker/'difference maker'. So it should have been no surprise to anyone when he went and got Julio. Probably only the one truly brilliant move that could be attributed to him during his Falcon tenure. The rest of the brilliant moves have the prints of not only TD, but Blank, Pioli, and DQ.
  15. I have to say the more information we get on players drafted, the better DQ, Pioli, and TD look! The draft of 2015 & 2016, is where all the recent success the Falcons have had started. Whatever formula they are applying is working. How long will it be before the rest of the NFL catches on to what they are doing?
  16. What really scared me about TM, is that he was unresponsive to questions from the commissioner and Deion, like he was in a trance or his 'own little world'. In retrospect, I can see he was so intense about getting his story out in front of a national audience, that he could only focus on the story and nothing else. I think the key here is his intensity, and not the lack of communications skills. He was fine in later interviews. Draft Day just showed the kind of passion/intensity that he is capable of when he is focused. I hope Brees never says anything derogatory about him (which he won't). If he did he had better watch his blind side!
  17. The Saints were just off a beat in this draft, took McKinley (whom they wanted), and took Riley just before they could get him. TD also trumped Dallas. I think that is why trading-up cost so much, about 30pts more than it should have. Also, I guess that is the only way Seattle would help us out, is to over-pay.
  18. It has to be subliminal.
  19. Sort of reminds me of Graham (before you go off, there is a resemblance). I think it is a quality pick at this spot. He has mitts for hands (when he holds a football, it looks like Kong holding a lemon), believe technique will get ironed out, and then watch out.
  20. Part of the recruiting process, that's why he had a drinking problem to begin with. Now he's in the NFL, thank goodness says his wife!
  21. The Falcoholic seemed to think the Patriots had their sights on him, not sure where they picked in the 5th.
  22. Ricardo was considered a ball hawk coming out of college. He has made some decent picks, not many drops like Neal, Trufant, or Collins.
  23. I sure thought we would go 'G' in the 1st or 2nd, really shocked. Quinn does not invest in the OL the way NE and Dallas does. We need a starter this year, and maybe one for next year. Should have already had the starter for this year, with a year's experience (maybe Schweitzer?).
  24. Need 4-RBs, for Special Teams. A lot of teams carry five. No FB this year, a TE will fill that role.
  25. Knew about those when I made that, but did not mention: Jackson, Southward, DeCoud, Owens, Johnson, Dent, Holmes. A lot of wasted draft spots there. Maybe we can assume Pioli and Quinn know better how to use a 3rd round pick.