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  1. I guess, I should have left the Missouri lineage of DEs out this, now that everyone is bring names out of the woodwork there are some good ones.
  2. Not too high on Harris.
  3. Another plus is he went to Missouri, which has not produced many NFL quality DEs.
  4. Was going to say the same thing. I will go even further and say Perkins is special, and it did not make any sense why they gave Toilolo the contract they did. So that gives the Falcons (3) TEs very close in talent and development, why would you need a 4th at the same talent level? Lot of good TEs come from the UDFA pool every year, and sounds like there will be even more than usual this year, that is where they will get their 4th TE. My prediction is the Falcons will not draft a TE.
  5. Based on the numbers from here and 'Falcoholic', it looks like OG was one of the fewest number of players looked at by category, and ironically one of their greatest positions of need. That says to me that an OG will go in the 1st or no later than the 2nd round. If they were planning to take an OG in the later rounds, you would looking at closer to +20-prospect visits vs. only 6-prospect visits. Of course the number of potential prospects goes down the higher you pick a position. Safe bet to say OG, Round (1-2).
  6. Why? You would secretly be the envy of every Panthers Fan.
  7. I'll give you a Falcons 'Rise-Up' towel for every 10-pounds you lose?
  8. Take away the hype machine, and NE is just an average NFL team, and average only because the AFC is not as strong as the NFC. Just more media hype, this creep knows they are not a 16-0 team, he is just doing what he gets paid to do.
  9. Clicked on to see what this had to do with the Falcons. I guess whatever is on your mind?
  10. If he is not making the tackle, he is always around where the ball is, split-seconds away from the tackle. He needs to be a Falcon.
  11. Moving up in the past has worked well 67% of the time. This time TD just needs to stay put. Somebody we need will fall.
  12. I respect famous athletes for taking a stand on the wrongs of the world. They are very powerful symbols, and if anyone can create change it is our athletes. Now I do not agree with them on the flag issue, but I cannot sit here and say they need to wield their influence to create change, and then tell they cannot do it for something I do not agree with. To this day, I have little respect for Michael Jordan, at one time one of the most powerful people on the planet. What did he do with that influence.......nothing.
  13. Hard to believe you have ever picked-up a religious document of any kind, you sure do not live it!
  14. AH's lawyer is now implying that he was murdered in his cell. Based on his sociopath tendencies, would have to agree with that. A sociopath rarely tries to inflict harm on themselves, they are all about survival at all costs.
  15. Just a joke man, did I miss something, is he the first/second messiah? And yes there are many who question his motives. I do not know enough about him personally to say one way or the other. Just because the hype machine depicts him as something, that does not necessarily prove he lives up to that depiction.