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  1. I was referencing the link you posted on the subject. Now at least everyone will accept the math. Based on this site, Falcons fans should now be some of the more knowledgeable fans, when it comes to understanding 'Cap' figures.
  2. True, in my haste it was 2/18, you have been rehabilitated. Always good to have a mix of other team's perspectives. It's just that when a Falcon's fan looks at anything like that for the next 5-10 years, it is going to trigger a response. The League needs to pay for what they did to this fan base (unless you are of the opinion that the Falcon's lost on their own).
  3. So you go from being 'nice', to showing what your really made of? Maybe you should just stop trolling and go back home? Both games were fixed anyway, but they had to fix our game a whole **** of a lot more than they had to fix your game!
  4. We actually discussed this 2-years ago, but I cannot go back that far, since my 'handle' at that time was "Hoosier" (changed computers and did not keep password, so changed handles). You went with the 'hard' numbers at that time. Then I explained my math, and to your credit agreed with my numbers, but did not incorporate it into you cap numbers thereafter (including last year), until now. These same fundamental calculations also apply when the Falcons sign FAs such as Poe, but usually everyone goes with the 'hard numbers'. That is why the cap numbers referenced above are way to low. The Falcons will have approximately $10M, after June 1st (this figure includes draft signings). They could have another $2M on top of that if they cut Reed after June 1st (which would be a really bad idea).
  5. If you recall, this is exactly what I was attempting to explain to you and everyone else here, before last year's draft. Everyone at that time seemed to find the math incredulous.
  6. The helmet change by Ryan was a very significant part of the game. Notice the Ryan fumble was shortly thereafter. A new play caller took over for Shanahan, that is why the plays thereafter were not Shanahan-like. Re-watch and notice how the game changed dramatically after the helmet change, was not a coincidence.
  7. Aren't we all? Does not change anything, it is what it is.
  8. You really expect someone to provide definitive answers to your questions? The NFL is run by the Mob, how people are silenced for life is self-evident wouldn't you think? What is "astoundingly stupid" is how intelligent people convince themselves that something as obvious as a SB fix, cannot be true.
  9. You too need to watch your SB loss, there are some interesting things to explain away. Why did CAM stand and stare at the football he fumbled, like it had poison ivy on it? Really think that had a lot to do with Cam's attitude after the game, just could not hide what took place as well as others can, too much of a competitor. How can you talk to the press about what happened in the game, when you were told not to win? I really think this carried over big time into last season, knowing how things really work in the NFL, why even try? Maybe his time will come when he gets close to 40-years old? Just like Atlanta was by far the better team last year against the Patriots, Carolina was by far the better team against the Broncos, unstoppable coming into the playoffs. Some comparisons are quite funny, the winning 40-year old QB last year could not throw the ball 30 yards down the field, and the 40-year old winning QB against the Panthers could not throw the ball 20 yards down the field. There seems to be a trend in the NFL, where 40-year old noodle-armed QBs tend to go out in a 'blaze of glory' winning the big one, over world class athletes in their prime.
  10. JulioJones#1, it sure looked to me like your namesake wanted to win that Lombardy in the worst way, and was not going to let anything/anyone come between him at what he has worked so hard for. So you would really have to convince me that he knew anything. But, like a lot of great plays in the last minutes of recent SBs, many were not supposed to happen. Through my eyes Ryan was trying make that last catch to Julio un-catch-able, and sail it out of bounds. Julio just made an inhuman play on it. It's people like him that your heart goes out to, makes +15M/yr no matter. He put his body on the line to win, every game, and is the heart/soul of the Falcons. But.....there is no doubt in my mind that there were several Falcons involved: Quinn (involved with 3 SBs), Shannahan (Any questions?), Ryan (QBs have no choice), Freeman, Matthews, maybe one or two others. The good news is I think the Falcons are guaranteed a SB win in the next 1-2 years based on the humiliation they took for the League. There are players on the Patriots that I also know were not involved, including Julian Edelman, listen to him trying to get everyone off the field so the last play could be reviewed (but never was),
  11. Sounds like you had to use plenty of duct tape to put that argument together, as does anyone saying the game was not 'fixed', just officiated with a slight bias. How many 'perfect storms' can you have? There is only supposed to be one every couple of hundred years, but now I am hearing about them all over the place. By the way Arthur cannot only act, he also river dances, and sings opera. So he is quite talented, don't sell him short (even if he is in the 'gentleman's club', still like Arthur).
  12. Thought you were going to bring more than that to the table? There it is on tape right in front of you and you still dispute it, omazing!. Have seen this play from many different angles, NFL got caught on this one. You play right into another point, that he almost lost the ball taking it off to give the defensive player the thumbs-up sign. Also, like to hear what your take is on this particular touchdown changing the over/under? Just a meaningless score near the end of the game, right?
  13. That's funny, shows up on any taped copy of the game, just like in the video. Have the last 4-SBs taped. Why don't you go ahead and analyze the film for us, let's see what you got? Before you start it was SB48, not SB50. The touchdown was meaningless in the outcome, but very important in the over/under of 47 points. Sorry, please continue..........
  14. You call him a FABULIST, really!! You are trying to add ridicule to what he is saying, so that no one could possibly take his opinions seriously? Everything he said is absolute spot on. You seem to show-up whenever someone questions the genuineness of the NFL product, just like clockwork. I recommend everyone watch SB51 again, and last year's, and the one before that. They are all rigged! Here is a clip from SB49, JOEinPHX, I suggest you not view this.