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  1. reversed for another take:
  2. LOL WTF
  3. that's a great start to the 2017 season
  4. Um is this Fake News? Hold on let me tweet a special someone to find out
  5. Yes Treason is defined in the constitution:
  6. I'm saying anyone that provides "facts" based on anonymous sources must be held to the high standards.
  7. Reputable journalistic instiutions ensure that they only report on sources that have first hand knowledge.
  8. Since when was Donald Trump a Republican? He's not a politician. Treason is not a Republican - Democrat issue. It's an American one.
  9. None of this is a surprise to me. I just fear for all the state secrets that have been compromised by Flynn and are currently being siphoned off by the Trump cabal. The time span between now and when the investigations are completed will be VERY VERY dangerous for our country. Trump is unpredictable and he is slowing being circled.
  10. does that mean he has to stay under or stay over?
  11. yeah he doesn't look quite that big in his twitter pic:
  12. lmao I'm reading the first few posts like "well after the super bowl game I wouldnt put free above matt" "what the **** matthews?" then i saw the date
  13. always been one of my favorite "new" falcons, especially after the insane cam-endzone int. he also had the game winning overtime int @ the last game I went to (redskins)
  14. im confused... is gritz saying the Orange One's new policy of allowing the military to "green light" operations worse than Obama's standards?