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  1. Well their defense will be seeing plenty of time on the field cause their offense will be pure ****
  2. Ok news flash.. Barnidge was the Browns STARTING Tight end for the past 4 years or so... Gabriel was a UDFA guy who never got a chance to really play on the team. The Browns drafted 2 or 3 wide receivers in one draft making Gabriel the odd man out. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?!!?!?!?!?!
  3. Again if he was so good, why did the Browns replace him and release him?
  4. Tak doesnt have to be a 10 sack guy to be effective. He will easily create pressure and be accounted for
  5. Even getting Derek Rivers wouldnt be a bad pick at second round.
  6. Not only that, you still have Clayborn, Crawford, Reed and Shelby. All those guys are tough as **** to block and they will be a force
  7. Or he could just work with Dan Quinn and the coaches of the Falcons and tell Chuck Smith to go to ******* ****
  8. lol 4 sacks, constant pressure, forced fumbles, played the run well and you guys still act like he didnt have a good game vs Utah. Do you guys even know what football is?
  9. Dan Feeney or Budda Baker
  10. He looks like Demarcus Ware with those long arms
  11. First off, he is out of shape, he has no athleticism. Most of his sacks are because the QB held the ball too long. Nothing more than a Paul Carrington
  12. Ok so we have dan quinn as head coach, its 2017, why would we want a patrick kerney???
  13. He is ok, More flash than substance. Would be a special team player and possibly 3rd down player. Not a very good prospect.
  14. You can get Brian Finneran to replace Tamme if you want another Tamme on the field. Hooper, Levine, Perkins are your guys now. Tialivea will probably be thrown in the mix as well.
  15. Well I don't like Lamp's measurables. The short arms are not good at all. He lacks the toughness to play inside. I would much rather have Dan Feeney over Lamp. Feeney has toughness, great size, knowledge of ZBS scheme. Lamp is just a left tackle who probably wont have a true position in the NFL. If your a left tackle and scouts look at your for guard because of Zack Martin, than there is a red flag already. That's saying, your not capable to play the position you played all in college, so lets make your life easier by kicking you inside. Zack has toughness, size and smarts. Lamp doesn't have any of those qualities.