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  1. Nuh uh. Gotta be some filler posts...
  2. Trump couldn't get us to 1000 so we the people took it into our own hands. Murica!!!
  3. Lenny Dykstra's quite is totally believable coming from him.
  4. Y'all are this close to me going Matt Damon on y'all. Five ******* lines!!
  5. Shut the **** up and go to your trailer.
  6. You'd think just once somebody in his campaign would say.....I don't know dawg....the optics just seem a little weird.
  7. Y'all could have done this in the other thread and we'd be so close to 1000 pages. Seeing as how this is a thread started by James Bond I'm claiming collusion between y'all and the Brits. You treacherous ********
  8. I do have to say though... I have a Cuban uncle who had a big *** Rottweiler named Kilo....**** is starting to fall in place for me here....... Uncle Albert did seem to have a lot of cash....
  9. Also....for the record... Codeine is a bad *** name for a little French Bulldog. Y'all got to step your senses of humor up. It'd probably work for a Boston Terrier too. Just doesn't seem to fit bigger dogs for some reason.
  10. You want to know how I know even the pessimists among us know we have a good team this year? We're talking about the name of a ******* French bulldog. The. *******. Name. Of. A. French. Bulldog.
  11. I only pick on people I like...and you now.
  12. I don't want to get into a long drawn out discussion over this so this will probably be my last response. I'd rather just be a smart *** in other threads. There's always going to be some snarkiness on Tatf and you have some very provocative opinions. Those two things combine and arguing ensues. You just seem to be really quick to go "nuclear" in an argument. I haven't been in Tatf a lot recently so maybe I'm missing some context but it's not the first time I've noticed it either. Have a good one though. I have to go watch some of my wife's horrible TV shows with her now.
  13. That's fair. I should have worded it a different way. It's just that you seem to always be involved in arguments that involve personal insults and the like. You certainly aren't the only one who does it but it just seems to be becoming a pattern with you. Just my observations.
  14. That's a **** tragedy considering that you didn't have any to spare.
  15. You're a strange get super defensive so very easily.
  16. Man it's so much more fun watching y'all get weird during the off season from this side of the fence...
  17. Hey speaking of Roger Stone I definitely recommend watching the new documentary Get me Roger Stone. That dude is crazy but he has **** sure left his mark on American politics...and we're worse off for it.
  18. Man..... Prayers to all the victims and their families.
  19. I was off by about an hour but we all knew this was coming. Now say some really provocative **** so we can get this thing to 1000.
  20. Well that's because you're an ***...
  21. So..... it's the off season, huh? I like it though. God knows we've had **** tons of dog threads but this one is coming from a different angle. Tatf never ceases to impress.
  22. Give it until about 5:30( the speeding up,not the baby ****ting) and we'll probably return to our regularly schedule leaks.
  23. I'm pretty sure this thread peaked on the previous page. You had Trump, nut sacks, Hulk Hogan, Jesus, guitars and magical orbs. You don't get anymore Murica than that.
  24. Now you're stepping on Marla's lines...