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  1. Well this is weird.
  2. So my Russian hamster was killed by my Australian Cattle dog today. Even the Australians are getting in the game y'all.
  3. @Sobeit sure has been quiet lately.
  4. I've had some bourbon but I'm pretty sure I can do that. I'm going to give it a shot and report back.
  5. You bunch of **** breedists.
  6. You should use that title on all of your threads.
  7. Gonna have to rewrite your character now.
  8. Projecting.
  9. Well I figured you would know Indonesian politics better than anyone I know. Got ya.
  10. @Leon Troutsky What are your thoughts on this?
  11. Both.
  12. How in the **** does this happen?
  13. So Atl89 got to calling this forum "ABF: After dark" when we had the loonies who would post at night a little while back. This got me to thinking about ABF as a soap opera/sit com and what some people's roles would be. With just a little bit of creative freedom here's what I was able to come up with. It's all meant in jest so don't go getting pissy and please feel free to add your own. Jdave and Troutsky: Every soap opera ever has the two brothers who are constantly feuding. They usually come from different ends of the spectrum of one thing or another. Most of the time there's a common romantic interest involved. Marla: The romantic interest of the brothers. This character is prone to saying things like "I can't do this anymore!!!" and then storming off in a dramatic exit. WFW: This character is the senile old grandfather that everyone tries to pawn off on each other. @silentbob1272: This is the classic grumpy neighbor character. Where there is fun this character will show up and squash that ****. He can also sense when too many people are in agreement. Holy Moses: The Jewish lawyer. Every sit com and soap opera has at least one. Wor: This character is prone to emotional outbursts. Usually played by a teenager or younger kid who may or may not be going through a goth phase. May be overly emotional because his stepfather isn't giving him enough attention at home and disapproves of his participation in slam poetry. Spongedad: Wor's stepfather. Kicker: This character is a stickler for the details. Usually shows up at town council meetings and the like reciting code books and raining on everyone elses parade. DarthFalcon (Worzone): This character stands on the street and yells you're going to **** at everyone most of the time.
  14. You've literally criticized a Trump voter for complaining about Trump. What's the alternative there? You want more Snakes? You want him to just back Trump no matter what? Most everyone knew they were voting for a flawed candidate from the get go. Carter holds the guy he voted for to account instead of making excuses for every mistake he's made while a majority of the posts in this forum are people dancing around actual legitimate criticisms against the candidate they voted for with a heavy dose of deflection to the other side. A guy who holds his candidate to account is a refreshing change and some of y'all still have the balls to attack that stance. It's crazy.
  15. Did they joke vote all the way down the ballot? I find that kind of hard to believe. I ended up voting for Hillary and I still feel a little dirty for doing so. It was basically a last minute decision for me and I empathize with every swing voter this past election cycle. Those of y'all giving **** to the true swing voters are part of the problem, not the solution. The fact that y'all can't see why Hillary wasn't the candidate that some of those swing voters were willing to go for is astonishing to me.
  16. If they have my cup of hot snow ready to go.....who am I to complain.
  17. Cat down the mountain melted theater butter.
  18. The North Korean propoganda machine is pretty impressive. This is one of my personal favorites. Bird day is right around the corner y'all.
  19. I feel sorry for North Korea. It must be hard having a leader who says stupid **** all the time while rocking a horrible haircut and embarrassing the country regularly.
  20. He really does have a decent golf game. I don't remember where but I read an article recently stating as much. Said he wasn't hitting them long off the tee but he rarely hooks or slices.
  21. He also apparently has a pretty good golf game. Practice makes perfect.
  22. I'd recommend not asking for the "Trump" then.