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  1. And @mdrake34 missed it. I bet he's gonna use the old "My wife was delivering my child into the world" excuse.
  2. And we're happy about it.
  3. Just letting y'all know when we get to about page 1039 I'm going to delete a post so I'll be at the top.
  4. I'm blaming @Darth Falcon.
  5. And dumb *** @JDaveG is probably off doing something productive. What a fool.
  6. I'm emotionally invested in this **** now. Don't you or him take this **** from me.
  7. Ahh ****!!!!! Don't you stop arguing now @marla_mulder!!!
  8. So close to 1000...
  9. Page 1000 here we come..
  10. Bout tree fiddy.
  11. Nuh uh. Gotta be some filler posts...
  12. Trump couldn't get us to 1000 so we the people took it into our own hands. Murica!!!
  13. Lenny Dykstra's quite is totally believable coming from him.
  14. Y'all are this close to me going Matt Damon on y'all. Five ******* lines!!