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  1. It ALL sucks.....Obama made steps forwards and it's all being erased. For what? Why?
  2. Does that fit the decades backwards line? Oh....wait...
  3. You do realize that the exact opposite is happening under Trump though, right? I disagreed with Obama on a lot but he was making significant steps in this area and we're just going backwards under Trump. Like decades backwards.
  4. I mean....good on Koetter but I'd hate to think that the employee responsible for that response caught any flack. That response is grade A smart assness and I can appreciate that. Edit: Just reading through the thread and seeing that a lot of y'all agree. That's why I love you bunch of smart *****
  5. And that's why I don't watch much TV. I just spend an excessive amount of time in the sub forum of a football message board that I use to be the moderator of. #winning
  6. Can I still call Marla stubborn?
  7. Congrats!!!!
  8. We got the budget, tax reform, and....well, Trump to go. This thread has the legs to do it.
  9. He did break his glasses....if he doesn't have a back up pair.....
  10. I'm gonna let you slide this time...but page exceptions.
  11. Going to be a real interesting press conference when/if Gianforte wins tomorrow. If he has one I guess.
  12. Gianforte fights back against fake news
  13. Said the woman who has stated she works for the government.