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  1. My only opinion on the matter is that the Falcoholic needs an editor. That's some amateur *** **** right there. Dare I say, worse than Dled.
  2. You sure about that, bruh? I think you just made the same mistake again.
  3. http://www.al.com/sports/index.ssf/2017/03/heres_what_happened_when_i_tol.html Julio's a classy guy. Not that we didn't already know this...
  4. Holy ****. My bad. Fixed. Talk about a Freudian slip...
  5. Anyone know the numbers?
  6. I'll admit that I'm excited. This makes our line nearly unstoppable. 3rd and 11. Early in the first quarter. October, 2017. Taint's ball on their 20. You've got Vick off the left side in a wide-9 alignment, making the right tackle poo himself in anticipation. Sneeze changes the protection, fearfully ordering the running back to stay in and chip (the TE likely still runs a route). The tackle hears this, but knows that Vic will just slap the back out of the way without breaking stride. If he fails, Sneeze goes down. That sound? That was the tackle's sphincter tightening. Clay is in a narrower alignment on the right side, so he can go bull or slip in either way. Anyone without multiple Pro Bowls at the position is in trouble. There's no help to this side (again, this is Sneeze, who likes his four- and five-man plays). You now have three guys left to block Grady "The Slipperiest Big Man in the League" Jarret and Dontario "The Human Eclipse" Poe. And one of these poor ******** has to snap the **** ball. The tension is palpable. The crowd is losing its collective mind. Even before the snap, they're in trouble. But it gets worse... All that work setting up the protection is for not; Vick and Grady are running a stunt. Confused by the superior athletes and DQ's Jedi Mind Trick, the guard and center each swing out too wide. Sneeze, as he is want to do, tries to step up into the pocket. But that's a bad career decision, as Vic is now running full speed right at Sneeze. Now, Poe isn't even really that involved. He is likely eating up one or two blockers away from the ball, and he isn't even influential in ending Sneeze. But his presence just took things up to another level. It put one more considerable stress on the O line.
  7. I am pretty sure I heard Chernoff say that there was a weight clause or bonus in the contract, but I was only listening for a minute.
  8. Because I value sustained success, I'd say we need to pick for future holes. I'd be happiest if we concentrated on the D-line and O-line in this draft, although I wouldn't mind a free safety that looked like single-high gold.
  9. In my view, there are two times it makes sense to trade up near the top. You need a franchise quarterback. Without this, nothing else matters. May as well go get your guy. You are pretty stacked and believe that you are one player away from a ring. The Julio trade is a perfect example, although it didn't pay the immediate reward for which we hoped. As it stands for us, the only reason I would do this is to snag a once-in-a-decade pass rushing end with every tool you'd want.
  10. I can't bring myself to watch it yet, but figured some of you may be interested.
  11. Cool story, bro.
  12. *sigh* The first amendment doesn't protect us from the overlords who host this board. It is "their" board. We don't need an amendment to the constitution for this. We can go elsewhere. We need an amendment to the constitution to protect us from the government oppressing free speech. *sigh again* I'll take civics for $100, Alex...
  13. Sorry, I am online all day. Hadn't seen anything...
  14. OK. It must have been pushed off the first page. I looked... Carry on...