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  1. Devonta Freeman Nickname

    How about Happy Feet or Pretty Feet? Which obviously refer to the pedicure in Hard Knox but also his running style. Man, I'm so psyked of our team and Freeman is a huge factor. Love a running back who runs as if he wants it, instead of the last number of years in which every back in the lineup seemed to run on 70 %
  2. Kroy Re-Signed

    And there's a lot of stupid people out there ;-) Talking about stupid people, welcome back Kroy.... Jokes aside, I hope Quinn can bring back the Kroy before the injury, where he actually showed some flashes - and then go build on that.
  3. S Anthony Harris Visiting With Dimwititroff/pioli

    I don't really like Harris' highlight reel. Doesn't seem special to me. Would be far happier with Damarious Randall in the third. Moore at SS and Randall at FS would be a great tandem imo
  4. Orakpo

    I would be very happy heading in to the new season with Orakpo and Fowler. 4-3: Fowler-Hageman/Peters-Solilai-Mass/Osi Orakpo-Worrilow-Weatherspoon/Shembo Add FA or draft MLB who can compete with Worrilow. FA could be D.J. Williams, Rey Maualuga, Akeem Ayers or McClain. Pick the cheapest one. And then fix the TE position. Can't stand to see Toilolo as no. 1 TE another season - Charles Clay please! The above mentioned fixes shouldn't blow the bank up, and we should have a much better football team. Plus, beside the first round pick used on Fowler, we still have the rest of our picks to find some nice OLINE prospects and a couple of nice skill players.
  5. This Is Julio's Last Year As A Falcon

    Yes, that's true! Packers, who threw the conference game in weird manner, have a lot of studs on the receiving positions and that must be the explanation on why it didn't work out for them this year. Release Jordy and Cobb, heck throw Adams under the bus too, before it's to late, because having great WRs on the team is not a winning recipe. *I might have added some irony*. Hope to see Julio stay with us. Class act guy with out-of-this-world talent