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  1. You are stating the obvious. Brady was named SB MVP. Matt Ryan was named season MVP on votes before the final game.... Soooooo, what is your point, Captain Obvious? Matt played a pretty good game, but bad playcalling cost him a ring.
  2. Well said, Coastiemike :-)
  3. Wow... The guy was league mvp and played amazing in the playoffs. Also, the Julio catch that brought us in a winning position came of an amazing effort and throw from matty... If Shanahan had called two more run plays or at least a short pass afterwards, the pass to Julio would have gone down as one of the best gamewinning throws in a superbowl imo
  4. No need to bring down Coach Smith. He did beautifull things for this franchise. He took over a mess from a coward coach and turned things around right away. We fans got hope right away, despite the vick let down and prick Petrino. His bucks defense have played lights out. I give a **** about his postgame speech after his team came up short regarding playoffs. Good luck, Smitty
  5. Very sorry to hear so. My thoughts are with you and your family - all the way from Denmark. RIP
  6. OJ Howard is probably going to be amazing. But given his skillset and outlook to be used more next year, he's going to be a top 20 pick in next years draft imo. And I expect us to be picking later than that ;-) Also, in general I don't like the idea of holding back on actual needs because there might be a better players available in the draft the years after. Go get Higbee in the 3rd og 4th round please
  7. I would actually be happy with this guy in the 3. round. Been high in some time since, I think, Gil Brandt mentioned him as a sleeper. Defense in round 1, 2 and 4 and a guard for depth in 7.
  8. Don't give up now. Victory is just around the corner....! Praying for you
  9. I'm ok with trading 5-10 spots back to pick up an extra midround pick, but I would be mad if we trade out of the first round. Even though there's pretty nice depth this year we have to have a pick in the first round to give us the best possible options. This falcons draft isn't about quantity but but quality. Two homerun picks in the draft and a couple to three good FA signings can be enough to take us to the promised land imo.
  10. Would be a very bad move imo. We need a lot more talent on defense and this draft class is golden. Pick up a number two receiver (Benjamin or Kearse) in FA and go defense at least the first two rounds. In the third we can go C (though I prefer Wisniewski in FA) or TE
  11. Troll.... ****.. If you have the slightest interest in trading Matt for this guy you are insane. No matter how frustrated you are with Ryan's play you will be at least a 1000 times more frustrated with Kaep. He throws like a baseball player with out touch on the ball... His precision is nonexistent.... I like Matt Ryan
  12. He won't get 10... will he? Could definately see him do some nice things as our number two. We've been missing a fast guy since Hester went down. But 10 M will be too much - I think he's more in the 5- maximum 6 range, but his agent probably don't care about my opinion
  13. As an alternative to Vernon, how big a contact do you think JPP will end up with? And do you think his messed up hand degrades him to much to be a difference maker? On paper, Beasley and JPP would look nice
  14. And there's a lot of stupid people out there ;-) Talking about stupid people, welcome back Kroy.... Jokes aside, I hope Quinn can bring back the Kroy before the injury, where he actually showed some flashes - and then go build on that.
  15. Getting ready for the draft - yummy!