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  1. I will start caring about your feelings when you out grow tantrums.
  2. I'm not talking to you about the first Democratic president that established a long history for democrats of oppressing people and taking advantage of poor people for cheap labor.
  3. Well if he needed to be hopefully someone in a bit better control of their feelings than you and some of these judges.
  4. Clearly you are a rational human being. From this Woman's bio. "Mediocre writer. Ardent opposer of #DonTheCon, a corrupted crony who, despite being aided by Russia, lost the national popular vote to a woman by 2.9m votes. Under my bed in Gunshine State "
  5. Courts usurping legitimate presidential powers is not a check and balance it is judicial activism and overreach. There has been a court rule in favor of the EO as well citing it is within his Presidential power to control immigration and national defense and securing the borders, you know like the law says.
  6. Using government to grant access for foreign governments, special interest and donators is the very definition of collusion. Your fact check concludes a Hillary run State Department approved the deal but she did not know about it and received a sizable donation from the company that brokered the deal. Where are the cries for a investigation? I'm sorry it is you living in a separate reality.
  7. Globalism the modern Empire! Bush's New World Order. We pretty much had 4 consecutive Bush administrations and hopefully dodged the 5th.
  8. Bitching is protected under the Constitution and the Geneva Convention!
  9. There is a interview he about attacked a reporter for saying illegal immigrant. His VP candidate was very much way too left.
  10. I'm libertarian and I view Johnson as a left wing loon on most issues. He is a SJW pretending to be a libertarian in most cases.
  11. See there it is. We can strip away everything from your entire comment till your last line. There it is as big as day, and you do it often. There is nothing rational about you it is just a screen to hide those kind of remarks probably a lot like those kids you talk to.
  12. Triggered!
  13. See this whole statement is irrational and based on nothing but emotion. Not one thing you said is based on any kind of fact or has anything to do with the discussion it is just a emotional outburst. Grown man, really?
  14. Perhaps you should teach yourself the same lesson.
  15. I hope you are not trying to be insulting because I doubt you are sane enough to be.