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  1. JaMarcus had the best pro day ever and Reggie Bush was the next HOF rb.. Let's let the kid get drafted first.. Js
  2. Lol I thought by the first picture Alford posted a video flaming Brett's HOF photo or something haha. Good to see him back to work. #NoOffSeason
  3. Click bait! Ban op! Delete his account!!
  4. But if peppers is some how on the board at 28 I'm all for trading up
  5. You paid for insider?
  6. Oly ell I'm dying laughing hahahahahaha
  7. Zain that might be the deciding factor, unless there's a big price difference
  8. That's what I was gonna say. I saw the hair in the playoffs. Shelby might be odd man out.. Who's younger?
  9. I'll stop you right there.. We already have 4 corners better than yours.. Safety better/push.. Lbs besides Luke, better/push (Johnsons getting old), line with beez Jarrett and Poe., better.. If all your faith is in peppers you better trade up for the wolverine lol
  10. When did you grow a secondary? What scary defense are you talking about
  11. Luckily our team is young and still on rookie deals pretty much haha
  12. That line has a couple chinks in the armor. Would like to see our new d line fares against them
  13. So which side of the argument are you on lol. Because I'm saying we need a taller safety to cover tes and you're telling me it doesn't matter he's better than cardo..
  14. Better athlete but still difficient if that makes sense. I feel in another few years we'd still be looking for our perfect fit at safety. And again I'm not saying Baker isn't the fit, but not not being able to cover tes can be and will be an issue if the analysis holds true