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  1. Called it haha
  2. Trade back with some one and get back a pick lol
  3. Beez is the quite storm, takk is the Lloyd thunderstorm..
  4. How about "actually gonna draft our defense in fantasy' as a sleeper lol
  5. dont be, people were still wanting us to draft a te, before another rusher or guard lol
  6. doesnt Dq teach first man there hold him up if we have others to strip? not disagreeing with you guys but i guess could be a positive lol
  7. question is how do you cheat the line to beez and double both poe and grady lol.. Something we dont have to answer
  8. hand down, man down! and then still can stand up! Man beez, grady poe takk, shede...NASTYYYY
  9. Poe beasts as expected, I don't see any threats either..
  10. I've had this a few times, trying to flush my system before testing for my PO. Yea it doesn't come back positive but they treat it as such for that reason; they know it's because you were most likely trying to flush something lol.
  11. the double murder yea, Lloyd he got life already..
  12. I'd trade kroy to have sherm on the squad..
  13. Hopefully paid time off?!
  14. Someone hit me up if we trade up, I'm not sitting to the very last pic **** near, every round lol