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  1. We don't have a TE that can really present a march up problem though. I think most of us realize they guy's we have are solid but everyone sees there is room for improvement. Even though they probably won't be available at our draft spot but guys like Ingram, Hodges, Gronk, Olsen, Bennet, Howard, etc would really elevate this offense to unwordly. We don't have that on the roster at TE position now.
  2. Bucky Hodges's would do damage in this offense.
  3. So 4 D-lineman are FA's. Think D line will be a focus again next offseason too. You would like to see them being in a DE and DT in this draft to develop from these current vets but not sure we have room. I would like to see DE and DT this draft though.
  4. On the bright side we prob get some good UDFA's to develop ala Poole. If I get a call from the Falcons after the draft is over then I'm running to that airport to get to Flowery Branch
  5. I like it. More size to the reciever room if he sticks. Even though I believe we still won the game last year with Sanu and Julio out i didn't like the fact that we didn't have a receiver out there taller than 6'1-6-2. I think it was turbo, hardy, and Robison starting. That's a short group. An insurance plan would be nice even if 5-6th option to open up camp. Just my personal opinion.
  6. I wouldn't say there is 0 chance because they have met with interior guys this off season. Wormly and Tomlinson to be exact. I have learned that you never know exactly what Quinn and crew would do on draft day. Most of the board for sure thought we would go pass rusher in the first last year and DT in first 4 rounds. What happened? We didn't draft a single D lineman last year. Most including myself were shocked. So I say never say never. The draft will be interesting to watch. Keep in mind Grady is the only DT under contract next year. Poe Hageman Upshaw are all FA's
  7. I meant the roster spot is not filled. Based on out numbers from last year we need to replace Wheeler, Babs, and Freeney's spot on the line. Poe took Jaxson spot Babs? You could say Crawford took Freeny's spot because he is a DE. However Babs is not filled. I don't think any team in the league carries only 3 true DT's on the 53 man. I may be wrong though.
  8. We need one more DT via draft or after cuts. Babs spot has not been filled. Not to sure of Crawford kicking inside on goal line situations. Or if Grady, Hags, or Poe goes down then we only have 2 DT's true DT's that is worth a salt. Quinn will sort it out. He always does
  9. This guy under Quin has the ability to be dangerous. With the 63rd pick in the second round of the 2017 NFL draft the Atlanta Falcons select...
  10. Malik Jackson is stealing money from Jacksonville. Busy signing if I ever saw one. He had a good year with all the talent around him in Denver and cashed in.
  11. I say you extend him. It's about time we start spending more money on the defensive side of the ball. For what going in 6-7 years most of our cap has gone to the offense. Time to even that out. Of course Ryan and Julio are a big part of that but I don't want to neglect the lines either.
  12. In my opinion Jackson was trash before we even signed him. Poe is on another level athletically and has the stats to prove it.
  13. Looking forward to see who we bring in
  14. Vellano can be upgraded. I believe just because we have the numbers per say doesn't mean those number can't be upgraded. I think why not have all the guys in the trenches beastly if you can. Or and upgrade when there is one available which I think Babs spot can be. I mean you have to fill those roster spots with someone right? Freeneys spot and Babs spot is still open. If you can make upgrades via draft at those two positions then do it. Vellano was a journey man for a reason 7 out of 10 of the lineman you mentioned came in from free agency. I'd like to see more lineman in the draft. So I say draft freeneys and Babs replacements in this draft. I think they will because we took care of the LB's and Secondary in this last draft.
  15. We still need one more DT to take over Babs roster spot.