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  1. It would be a very smart signing. I would love to have him on the squad. Speed kills and we can never have enough. I wanted him coming out of North Carolina and then when he decided to leave Tennessee
  2. Dontari Poe NT Austin Pasztor G/T Luke Willson TE
  3. Thanks for clarification
  4. I sure hope not. I would love to have him here
  5. Do you think there is any he would restructure to come and play for us and a chance at a Super Bowl?
  6. Could there be something to this?!?!
  7. Just curious what you guys would think about trading our 5th for a guy with his talents and if you think there's anyone who could produce at that level in the 5th round. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2017/03/eagles-want-fifth-round-pick-for-lb-mychal-kendricks
  8. Yeah I'm trying to find the 10 yard split numbers for everyone especially the dline guys
  9. I've heard a LOT about him and real interested to watch some tape on him and see if the tape backs up the workouts
  10. We all know coach Quinn loves explosive dlinemen and I know where to find the jumps, the shuttles and such as that, but where can I find the 10 yard splits?
  11. Didn't wanna start a whole thread just to throw a name out there. Thought I'd just check out the interests lol.
  12. I know this thread is about Terrell McClain but what do you guys think of his running mate David Irving?
  13. What round is he projected in? I love his style of play!!
  14. He, as they say about Keanu Neal, arrives with bad intentions! I like this kid a lot!!
  15. Anyone have any info on mason cole from Michigan. Heard he has the potential to be a 3rd-4th round possibility