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  1. You cant grade a draft class without the players actually playing first but I will say this - Pauline has been on point with breaking Falcons draft news the past two seasons. He correctly predicted us taking Neal in the first and he correctly predicted us trading up with the Seahawks for a pass rusher.
  2. The QBs he named were Brady, Cam and any rookie QB who think they the s**t.
  3. Silly thread
  4. Nope. Quinn didn't have any NFL coordinating experience before coordinating one of the best defenses in NFL history. Either your talented or not.
  5. Yeah thats just silly. Free is one of the special ones.
  6. Vaughn McClure ESPN Staff Writer Falcons release former Georgia track star Garrett Scantling, who was trying to catch on at receiver. Team announces re-signing of Matt Simms, who was on practice squad last season.
  7. Im not sure that a beat down would shut them up. They are probably the most delusional fanbase in the NFL.
  8. I don't see us being interested in Franklin.
  9. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/photo-gallery/Falcons-Battle-Through-APG-Training/c8ba4192-2072-494a-b1b2-5ec9647abc67#98869c99-5b92-4607-aede-96141fe2b094
  10. I gotcha. I like the move though. Finding a way to get all three young linebackers on the field at the same time makes sense.
  11. Yeah there's a little hyperbole in that title
  12. It's Wes' job to lose.
  13. Yeah the coaches did it too... here's DQ and Sark -
  14. Nothing at all. Freeman is just as good at running, catching, blocking etc as they are. It just so happens that Freeman splits carries with Coleman
  15. By this statement you must be a drunk guy.