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  1. You can trade comp picks as of this season
  2. Competitive/Toughness. Its one of the main things TD and Quinn grade players on.
  3. Im skeptical of these rumors...no one is reporting this stuff except for this one guy
  4. Yeah that doesnt make sense to me either.
  5. The only way I would be worried about Adrian Peterson signing with the Saints is if Paul Worrilow was still our starting Mike.
  6. My gut is saying Jordan Willis or Buddah Baker at 31 - I have a feeling its going to be one of those two.
  7. Its crazy how media types and actual NFL scouts/personnel execs have such different takes on players.
  8. Interesting takes on Lamp and Feeney
  9. Of that list we have reportedly worked out Willis, Kapassagnon, Basham, Smoot, Rivers, Rochelle, Davis and Moss. Not on that list we have reportedly worked out Barnett, Harris, Mckinley, Bowser, and Reddick among other late round prospects. I would say TD and Quinn have done their due diligence on the pass rushers. I will trust their pick. Not worried at all.
  10. We have a mini bye after week 14 also - thats not bad at all.
  11. So we should not want a guy that was let go by his team? That sounds like want you are saying. Using your logic we would not have Taylor Gabriel.
  12. Was there any doubt that he would?
  13. I don't think so. I think what the media and fans perceive about prospects and what individual teams perceive about a prospects is different.