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  1. Sometimes we on this board post quality info. Other times we post things that are irrelevant. This time is the latter.
  2. I agree with others that there is no clear answer. However, I like that our FO has always been aggressive. If we deem a player elite, we make a deal
  3. 1) Julio 2) Ryan 3) Mack 4) Trufant 5) Matthews
  4. It'll be interesting to see whether they decide to address RG via FA or draft. I'd like to see a long-term replacement added to solidify the OL
  5. He looks like an absolute BEAST!!! He's only going to get better and if he's half the player his brother is we'll be in great shape! He has all of JJ's traits except the size. Unmatched effort, excellent hand usage at the POA, quickly disengages from blockers, great instincts to bat and even intercept passes at the LOS, relentless motor!!! A lot of teams will be sorry they didn't draft him. He's going to be a great player.
  6. Figures lol. That's the only name I've seen mentioned lately
  7. I haven't been keeping up with the offseason as much this year (partly due to the Super Bowl heartbreak). It looks like there's a TON of talent in this year's draft class, which works out well for us considering where we pick. The way I see it, we should be targeting RG, DT, DE, FS. Can somebody fill me in on FA and draft targets??
  8. That works too lol We actually did that A LOT in the second half of the first matchup. We nearly abandoned the run and started shredding the defense with PA crossing/out routes to Julio and Sanu Seahawks will definitely try a few trick plays so we'll have to play discipline by not going for reverses, flea flickers, and misdirections
  9. Exactly, if we can just keep Matt upright then their pass rush becomes a non-factor and he'll destroy their defense. It's easier said then done though
  10. After re-watching the Week 6 game against Seattle, I've come away with a few keys to victory for tomorrow's game Establish the run early and often: The running attack was virtually non-existent the entire game. Seattle's defenders were often times in our backfield at the snap of the ball and disrupting our entire running game. Freeman had 12 carries for a total of 40 yds and 3.3 ypc. His longest run was 18 yds and he had 0 TD's. As a receiver he had 3 receptions for 10 yds and 0 TD's. Coleman didn't fare much better. He ran for a mere 10 yds on 5 carries (2.0 ypc) with his longest run being 4 yds. As far as receiving is concerned, he only had 1 reception for 7 yds and didn't reach the endzone either. Our ability to run the ball will be critical in this matchup. An effective run game will cause Seattle's defense to respect the run which will open up more plays in the play-action passing game. An effective running game will also help keep Matt Ryan upright. He was sacked 4 times and hit about 356 more. Judging from Week 6 and comments to media, Seattle will be trying to hit Ryan every chance they can. If we're able to run effectively, Seattle will have to focus more on stopping the run and less on rushing up field to kill our QB. It'll also mean that Ryan will drop back less and limit the number of times Seattle is able to hit him basically neutralizing their pass rush. A good rushing attack will be key to maintaining the dynamic, balanced attack that makes our offense so difficult to defend. Contain Russell Wilson: Russell Wilson is one of the best in the league when it comes to extending plays with his legs and throwing on the move. For this reason, it's important that we not only pressure him while he's in the pocket but limit his scrambling ability. When defenders rush up field to sack the QB, they tend to leave open running lanes for more mobile QB's like Wilson with his 4.5 speed to take advantage of. I expect us to use a variety of stunts and QB spy's to contain him. We did this often against San Francisco (Beasley's sack) and I expect a similar strategy against Seattle. Wilson was suffering from multiple injuries in his knees and ankles in the first matchup and still managed to make some key plays when running. He'll be fully healthy this time so it's important for us to limit his running ability as much as possible 3rd Down Conversion: We were awful on third down in the first matchup, 2/10 to be exact (0/6 in the first half). Our lack of efficiency on first and second downs contributed to the poor third down conversion rate. Either way, we'll need to do a much better job converting on third downs this time around Win the Turnover Ratio: We've been great all season in this area with a plus 11 advantage. However, the last time we played Seattle we were minus 2 in this category with one of them being in our own territory. Teams that win the turnover battle, especially by such a wide margin, typically win the game and I expect the trend to continue in this game. Quinn emphasizes the turnover margin every week and the team has embraced this mindset all season so they'll need to gain an advantage in TO's again this week to win What are your keys to victory??
  11. I think Sanu will have an opportunity to breakout. He's our number 2 receiver but he's not known for his breakaway speed or separation. I see Seattle trying to take away Julio and Gabriel (due to their big play ability) leaving Sanu and Hooper in one-on-one matchups
  12. If Hageman doesn't break out this postseason, I doubt he ever will
  13. Jet Jones! https://youtu.be/sKCNZKRc3zM
  14. Per ESPN's Ian Rapoport