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  1. Lets be real in comparison
  2. Watt is growing on me a little.
  3. Payton, Saints have interest in Johnny Manziel http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000794771/article/sean-payton-saints-have-interest-in-johnny-manziel
  4. Happy birthday to @Jaymadd and @JHav
  5. Also a reminder it comes on tonight.
  6. The man who hands down the sentence should swing the sword. You got it in you?
  7. What do you know about "violence"? Flipping a car over, set a store on fire? Or actually killing another man?
  8. I think Alford is a better CB than Tru if he quits with the holding penalties. Alford can actually catch the football (INT) where Tru looks like a circus seal catching with flippers.
  9. Farve and Vick both have that "wrist flicking" velocity.
  10. That title is a bit misleading
  11. We always need blonde flowing locks players like Alex Anzalone
  12. I'm gonna have to strongly disagree with your Reddick bust analysis.
  13. I've got N64 LoZ Ocarina gold collector's edition brand new in box still shrinkwrapped. And Majora's mask brand new, and Link to the past brand new, and LoZ nes brand new, and LoZ 2 nes brand new, and Windwaker brand new, and Twilight Princess brand new
  14. I miss the hippie/grunge chicks. And I actually bought rolling papers back then.
  15. I was 19 in 95'. Keep that in mind.
  16. The Taints taking Reddick would suck. Taco @ 31 is meh
  17. Happy birthday man
  18. Trading MR right now means you're content with having a Super Bowl once every 20 years.
  19. RIP Chuck
  20. ...the classic leprechaun in a tree. Enjoy.