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  1. Dobermans seem as aggressive as pitt bulls. Rottweilers are just sitting back, drinking tea.
  2. You are right. I just think Peppers is too unique to pass up at 31.
  3. I'm fine with Rivers at 31 but I'd rather see some attempt of trading back first to get him in the 2nd.
  4. I don't get why we always play there. But they do seem to be in Atlanta during playoff time.
  5. Ok, here's my final choices for the 31st pick... 1. (S) Jabrill Peppers 2. (S) Obi Melifonwu 3. (DE) TJ Watt
  6. I don't mean exactly like the old stadium. I think it would be cool in a nostalgia type way with a modern makeover. When I was a kid, I loved riding by the old stadium and thinking the outer support columns looked like Superman's ice fortress
  7. I'd like to have seen a 2017 remake of the old Fulton Couunty stadium
  8. South Koreans are like the people of Pompeii living below Mt. Vesuviuos. South Koreans and the Japanese both had an Americanization of their culture and now the youth is living it up like an Asian Saved By The Bell episode.
  9. It all went downhill the day they cancelled Double Dare
  10. ^^^ iCarly tween angst. *waits for his bedroom door to slam.
  11. Melania is actually a really smart woman who the msm and liberals try to portray as a ditz because of her accent. They're hypocritical since their recent platform is immigration and equality. It's hard to find a Mexican that speaks English.
  12. WOR-lennial with his Nicklelodeon kid show pics
  13. I'm gonna try to be there.
  14. Tax payers rejoice. I hope suicide becomes more popular for murderers, preferably before murder is committed.
  15. There was a Christmas miracle tonight on ABF. "The Trump Presidency" dropped all the way down to the 7th thread for a brief moment.