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  1. Stand Your Ground Inside Your Castle.
  2. I'm seeing Maye mocked in the 3rd by Sports Illustrated, released a couple of hours ago.
  3. My three round looks like this... 31. LB TJ Watt 63. G Dan Feeney 95. S Marcus Maye The 2nd round will be interesting imo with G Feeney, DE Rivers, S Marcus Williams in our range. Safety Obi Melifonwu should be available if TD trades up about 10-15 spots.
  4. What does WOR mean?
  5. He educates his narrow-minded philosophy as the only path. He sounds just like the 14th century Catholic Church in his hypocrisy.
  6. Wor would only notice that she's wearing Puma shoes with a Nike outfit. He's such a diva
  7. Are you atheist or agnostic?
  8. Would you consider moving up for Peppers if he's there in the mid 20's or wait to see if Watt falls?
  9. That's EXACTLY how I feel about Neil Degrasse Tyson. He loves to disprove religion because he's got it all figured out. He also is so narrow-minded that he tries to call out other physicist on their theories i.e. Brian Greene's String Theory. FTR, Tyson has not contributed one single piece of scientific work to the physics field. He recites other physicist's work in a dumb down version for tv audiences to understand. Tyson is self-centered piece of shít who is no more knowledgeable than Bill Nye the Science Guy. Sorry for the rant, I just loves quantum physics.
  10. His AI discussions are interesting but the VR religion example is nonsense.
  11. Just throw a tarp over it.
  12. I've seen mocks where Green Bay drafts him ahead of us, to pair him with Clay Matthews.
  13. Thomas Dimitroff Would Like Both Teams To Get A Chance In Overtime Video in link http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/28/thomas-dimitroff-would-like-both-teams-to-get-a-chance-in-overtime/