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  1. Our country is supported by four things.......the learning of the wise,the justice of the great,the prayers of the righteous and the valor of the brave.All these are nothing without a ruler who knows the art of ruling.....
  2. very cool , fill it with Jack Daniels
  3. Rest in Peace Gregg Allman , one of the best blues singers of our times .The Allman Brothers Band,Idlewild South,At the Fillmore East,Eat a Peach are Southern Rock Classics .
  4. He might not be the fastest but he is the best combination of size, strength , toughness , skill and speed.
  5. Forgive and forget,Vick did the crime and he paid for it. Let him go out as a Falcon.
  6. thank goodness
  7. That would be a wonderful thing
  8. Is that really lostone ? oh gawd
  9. This is Trump-normal
  10. Sounds like some bad hombres
  11. This is why Trump won ;
  12. The ugly American
  13. Meryl Streep voted for that chuckle head ?
  14. a vice like grip
  15. the lies never stop
  16. If you think about the Republicans as an ant colony with a hive mind ruled by Trump , it all makes perfect sense.The unfortunate thing is that very few of Trump's ideas are beneficial for anyone except the very rich.The cascade of failure will probably pick up steam when James Comey tells his story . Trump made a yuge mistake when he tried to influence the Russia investigation, perhaps fatal.The look on the Pope's face says it all.
  17. I almost wet myself.
  18. I bet Joel would love to rub it out
  19. I would pay to see that.
  20. Quinn sounding like a great coach,saying all the right things.
  21. just because
  22. as a player/coach ......why not ?