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  1. Simple answer : Russia and James Comey.
  2. stupid like a mofo walk away and save $$$$$$
  3. Yeah Baby
  4. Because people are poorly made.
  5. He makes it look easy .
  6. Tim Duncan is so fundamentally sound his game is almost ideal. How can you not like him ?
  7. Thank God the extremely wealthy have Trump to look out for them.
  8. time to wheel and deal
  9. Horse Laugh is by definition a coarse , mocking or raucous laugh . It is directed at at your stupid post.
  10. So are you saying republicans lie just as much as democrats ? The answer is yes.
  11. Post some pictures . I went trout fishing last Friday and only caught two keepers but it was still a blast.
  12. That will cost him $$$
  13. Such a humble guy
  14. If only he would.
  15. Good I never liked him . Arrogant sexist A$$hole
  16. Wasn't Trump quoted " Treat'um like Sh!t they love it ! "