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  1. Nunes is going down........
  2. About time
  3. NO WAY
  4. Did Trump tell the truth about anything ? I'm sure WFW will have an example.
  5. Tisk,tisk Bad Russia, Putin go sit in the corner .
  6. Tragic hilarious and very true .The lies just keep on coming . Wow.
  7. This is what a failed president looks like ^^^^^^^^
  8. Sorry for being rude but........
  9. That would require a functioning brain.
  10. Lawyers gonna Lawyer
  11. The only thing I expect Trump to be able to pass is some type of tax reform ,because all Republicans love to lower taxes especially for the wealthy (over 250,000) It won't be Trumps plan but he will sign it and brag about it and try to take credit for it.All the other stuff is pie in the sky.
  12. same thing
  13. lawyer talk
  14. Trump totally failed as a deal maker. His own party would not support his horrible health care plan.This has been the worst start for any president in my lifetime. Trump does not have the brains or the work ethic to do the job.
  15. Compared to the monstrosity Trump tried (and failed ) to sell us ,yeah it is. You really don't know what you're talking about .
  16. Life is good for the Donald .Glad he's not working too hard.
  17. The smell of treason is in the air
  18. What did she expect ?......duh !
  19. So my wife and I took our grandchildren out to eat at The World famous Pancake house today. We are waiting around for a table because its Saturday and there is a 15 minute wait. As we are sitting in the waiting area with about 20 other people I notice an older couple, had to be in their 80s . They look average and fairly normal except for one weird thing. The old lady has a pair of tweezers in her hand and she is plucking whiskers out of her chin the whole time we were sitting there. I can't get it out of my head. Gross.
  20. And what did the self righteous Republicans do to fix it ? Nothing . Thanks Trump you now own Obamacare Just like the wars Obama can thank Bush for ,
  21. When you have your health you have everything.When you do not have your health,nothing else matters. ^^^^^^
  22. LMAO Trump needs to pass some type of legislation just to get a victory .This health care fiasco is going to linger and remind people just how clueless Trump really is . The only thing Trump is good at is showing his A$$, and people are tired of seeing it.
  23. emotional immature hyperbole is the very definition of Donald J. Trump.