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  1. Or maybe Nunes is just an imbecile ?
  2. Because now we have a Republican President who's going to make America Great
  3. Nunes is going down........
  4. About time
  5. Did Trump tell the truth about anything ? I'm sure WFW will have an example.
  6. Tisk,tisk Bad Russia, Putin go sit in the corner .
  7. Tragic hilarious and very true .The lies just keep on coming . Wow.
  8. This is what a failed president looks like ^^^^^^^^
  9. Sorry for being rude but........
  10. That would require a functioning brain.
  11. Lawyers gonna Lawyer
  12. The only thing I expect Trump to be able to pass is some type of tax reform ,because all Republicans love to lower taxes especially for the wealthy (over 250,000) It won't be Trumps plan but he will sign it and brag about it and try to take credit for it.All the other stuff is pie in the sky.
  13. same thing