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  1. Obama was a lawyer, there's a better 98% chance it's all legal. Is it all ethical or the information used or to be used in the future used ethically . Well that remains to be seen. His claim is false that he was illegally taped, but not false that he was in fact spied upon in some respects. Seemingly a little too convenient I must say, but the better question is what activities were the trump aids engaged in that allowed them be legally monitored Given the history of the Obama administrations unethical behavior in spying on our allies it wouldn't be surprising. At the same time if they did break the law or even use info in an unethical way. I doubt the public ever find out in any way that would satisfy or convince either side
  2. I've been calling for Baker since the offseason started My favorite players in this draft are Reddick-Lb Hooker--Fs Baker-Fs Walker- De Baker has elite instincts. and you cant teach instincts and you cant teach speed.
  3. I voted in 1 election. And I was young and stupid. I've since learned better. But I guess you knew everything and haven't grown or learned anything over the years.a all hail Perfect Mdrake!
  4. Yeah because I can control how they vote . Stop being a tool.
  5. Voting isn't about 1 issue. Early Christians weren't arguing over which wicked leader is better. So voting is a personal choice. Vote, don't vote, Democrat, Republican, independent, whatever. It's your choice. What issues you find most important. No party is the party of God and this nation is not now, nor has it every been truly a Christian nation though it is based on the idea that there must be a God.
  6. I take several issues into consideration when voting Nero or Domition. Take yoyr pick. Republicans have shown contempt and hate for the poor for ages on top of other failures and moral debauchery.
  7. The article is pretty close. My family has been hard core democrats for multiple generations. My grandfather gave me a brass donkey as a kid. he got it from working with Hubert Humphrey's campaign. This is the first election my parents voted Republican...ever. the democrats lost the union workers and is driving others away with their extreme social transformation agendas. The democrats can reverse this trend by focusing on America's interest first and getting out the social manipulation agendas. Growing up I was told Democrats were for the working man and Republicans were for the rich. That's changing as democrats are for a global agenda that puts America on the back burner in favor of world prosperity over national prosperity. I have not seen a high profile Democrat in a several election cycles that has a focus on the United States of America as their primary focus. It's solely now on Social manipulation Undermining immigration laws Repealing the 2nd amendment Killing babies Giving away "free" everything Degrading others who oppose their ideology Anti police Anti military Anti American flag Anti Pledge Anti American in general Democrats have an image problem the eyes of many.
  8. Poe is actually 2 people lol
  9. Slashing Tpp is enough for me to considerr voting for him next time. I did not vote for him this time. Democrats support of deals like Tpp/NAFTA/CAFTA/and all the other Aftas that crippled the industrial job sector in the Us combined wth their anti American sentiment on Illegal immigration makes them less and less appealing.( I saw this in my hometown when they destroyed thousands of good paying jobs by shipping them overseas.) Then combine that with their unrelenting social indoctrination policies. I'm finding fewer and fewer democrats I can support. There's really only a couple j would vote for in an election but they aren't in my state and I dont think they plan on running for pres.:( Though I wish they would.
  10. Lol no there wasn't. Only for Nixon. Clinton got impeached but was allowed to stay in office. Essentially a slap in the wrist for perjury, breaking an actual law.
  11. You can keep your coverage and your doctor.. I did not have sexual relations with that woman Read my lips no new taxes Mission accomplished I am not a crook I mean really? Lol
  12. We've been moving so I haven't been on much except to check Fa news. Can't believe this thread is 500 pages of people just whining about the president. You've lived through 2 of the worst in history under Bush and Obama yet only now is it shocking. Unless you old timers lived under Carter. Poor guy had desire but not much ability. Trump is no worse than anything I've seen in the past 16 years. Only thing I've seen is the democrats have become the new out of touch party with their own birthers (Russia hyuck)and tea parties. What an egg on their face the tax thing was for them. Killing Tpp was probably the best thing any president has done in ages for this country. Hoping we renegotiate these terrible failed trade deals that send our jobs packing. Ross Perot got it right on NAFTA, charts and all.