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  1. If Beasley and Tak can work together and make their personalities mesh they could really both up their levels. They are very different personalities. Fire and ice. But if Beasleys technique and pass rush moves can rub off on Tak and Taks relentless motor and emotion can rub off on Vic we are going to be a force.
  2. Dallas, Green Bay, Saints were going to take him. even Pitt was considering him
  3. Tak sounds like Clubber Lang in that interview
  4. Why do I log on and see people complaining. We got a talented player. We didn't get Lamp. I was stoked to see anyone but Lamp. I wanted Baker, but hey we got a pass rusher. If he is even good. Not great, but just good, it will be the first time we have had two young solid players rushing the qb as bookends. Let that sink in. Add to that Poe clogging up the middle and Jarrett getting his rush on from the inside. This was a good pick. Sit back and enjoy.
  5. Lol
  6. Deals that are balanced to everyone
  7. We have no trade deal with China I don't understand why you keep asking this. our trade with them is unbalanced however. It trade deficit is ginormous and not placing balancing the trade is bad policy an American making $13 an hour with benefits can't compete with a Chinese working making 20 cents an hour. https://ustr.gov/countries-regions/china-mongolia-taiwan/peoples-republic-china
  8. Yes they did. I am aware of who did. I don't understand the statement
  9. I never said we did. I said we have terrible trade with other countries and free trade deals are a part of that.
  10. The factory I used to work at lost maybe 50 jobs to Automation when they added the new machines. Then they closed it down to ship the jobs overseas and lost over 5000 jobs to China where they paid the workers less than a dollar an hour. It was never about automation. That's a natural evolution of effectiency in any factory. It was about cheap labor, terrible trade deals, and no thought for America
  11. Good NAFTA is a disaster Ross Perot was right in the 90s when he said it would be a giant sucking sound of jobs. Get rid of CAFTA and the other aftas while you are at it.
  12. As a conservative Christian I too am concerned with the planet, pollution,emissions, current weather/temperature patterns. I believe the Earth is man's gift and it will not be destroyed until Christ returns. That said there's no reason to trash it, junk it, and make it miserable to live here until that day. But I do not support the right of individuals to kill other smaller innocent individuals out of inconvenience. But that's for another thread.
  13. I'm not reading all that, give me the cliff notes. Bill Nye is a disgrace anyway.