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  1. Saw Barnett and Baker had private workouts... we could be gearing up to make a move for Barnett. The Willis talk could be smoke to make Barnett fall
  2. No way Willis will be there in the 3rd. He is a late riser. Most likely a first rounder at this point.
  3. Of course we have been making calls. It's called preparation and due dilligence. The draft is a crapshoot and certain players are taken earlier than expected and certain players fall farther than expected. We gotta be ready for whatever, we would be fools not to be making calls.
  4. Could be but you never know man. If our guy is there in that 20-25 range I can see us pulling the trigger ala the Trufant trade. One of the following will be available at 31: Willis, Baker, Bowser, Obi, Williams, Rivers, Peppers. I say we stay put but that's just me.
  5. Where is the source to these rumors
  6. I like Peppers I just don't know about scheme fit for him here. Keanu is our aggressive in the box Safety... we need a single high with great range. Don't think Peppers is the guy for that.
  7. Because we don't need another over-the-hill RB when we have the best young RB tandem in the NFL in Free/ Teco
  8. Transformer Falcon
  9. Willis, Baker, Obi, Kpass, Rivers, Barnett, Evans, Hall, Engram, Bowser, Maye, Hodges
  10. Aren't the chiefs known for mishandling their injured players?
  11. MM is a Quinn disciple. Quinn has been grooming him for this for years now. I think he will be a huge success, maybe even to the point that he becomes a hot name for a HC gig within the next ~3 years.
  12. But he isn't athletic /purple