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  1. Obviously it worked. I'd rather us be more physical than not anyways. Camp Brotherhood in South FL made up for those days as well
  2. Idiots like you who bump this thread deserve to be banned.
  3. 'Troffed
  4. When 'Shede flashes he is utterly dominant - a man among boys almost, then he will suddenly disappear. He has steadily improved though and here's to him "putting it all together" this season
  5. Always gotta find something to complain about...
  6. Sanu was fine last season. We don't need a crazy stats year from him. Just for him to do his job - and thats be a possession WR2 who takes advantage of his ops and he did exactly that last year
  7. This the type of s*** that gets me even more hyped for this season... there is so much to like about where this team is headed
  8. With the additions of Poe and our rookie class and the return of Tru our defense is gonna be the best we've seen
  9. look at the highlights from last year and then imagine Tru, Poe, Takk, and Duke out there as well
  10. Not to mention two of my coworkers are cowboy fans (but from Georgia - makes sense, right?) and they have been talking more **** than the patriot fan. I can't wait til we beat down the Cowboys. They played a cake schedule last year and were exposed in the playoffs. They regress this year and Dak/Zeke have a sophomore slump
  11. Found on YouTube and figured I would share. I'm so pumped for our defense this season. With the addition of Takk, Riley, and even Kazee our defense will crack top 15 maybe even top 10.
  12. We may break top 10 as a unit. We already have an elite edge rusher in Vic, Grady Jarrett could emerge as a legit superstar DT, Poe will free up a lot and provide push up the middle. DeBo is already one of the best young LBs in the league, Neal established himself as the "enforcer", our CB corps is stacked - Collins, Alford, and Poole balled last year not to mention Tru will be back and he is a top 10 lockdown corner. Then you throw in our rookie class - I expect impact from Takk and Duke, with a push for FS from Kazee. We have so many pieces we are stacked. Think - all these pieces have been acquired over the past 3 years and will all grow together into an elite unit over the near future.