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  1. He is #1 on my board right now. I absolutely want us to draft Watt in the first. Beasley / Watt would form a dynamic pass rushing tandem for us.
  2. Also, disclaimer - I got this off the falcaholic website. Not my mock.
  3. With a pill popping head coach seems like a perfect fit!
  4. Round 1, Pick 31 - G Dan Feeney, Indiana Feeney is a rock-solid G prospect that has ideal traits for a team that runs a zone-blocking scheme (like Atlanta). He’s a smart, technically proficient lineman that is a very good pass protector. Feeney is also a tough, hard-nosed blocker in the run game that possesses enough athleticism to make blocks at the second level and in the screen game. Feeney is a team captain and four-year starter with a consistent track record. He’s a plug-and-play guy that already has extensive experience playing RG (where he spent the majority of his college career). Atlanta fills their only glaring weakness early on with a player that can be counted on to start immediately. Round 2, Pick 63 - DE Derek Rivers, Youngstown State Rivers has picked up quite a bit of steam after his impressive Combine performance, but if he’s still around at this point in the draft, the Falcons would get great value here. Rivers is a high-effort pass rusher that displayed impressive technique and hand usage for such a small-school player. Rivers had incredible and consistent production against FCS competition. He’s a tad on the small side for an NFL DE, but that’s really the only knock on him. If you can get past the size and level-of-competition concerns, Rivers looks like a very capable NFL pass rusher. Round 3, Pick 95 - TE Jake Butt, Michigan Another player that is an excellent value at this point in the draft, Butt’s draft stock took a hit when he tore his ACL during his bowl game. Prior to that, he was viewed as one of the top TEs in an absolutely loaded class. Butt is a TE with ideal size (6’5, 246) that has proven himself as a dependable receiving threat throughout his career. Butt is an expert at beating zone coverage and has made a career out of catching short-to-intermediate passes. He’s also experienced lining up all over the field, and has the traits to be a plus blocker at the NFL level. While he’ll need some refinement, and he’s merely an average athlete, Butt is a great option for a team like Atlanta that could use a short-yardage TE to pair with the more dynamic Austin Hooper. Round 4, Pick 136 - S Josh Jones, NC State Yet again, a great value falls to the Falcons. Jones is a size/speed prototype (6’1, 220, 4.41-forty) with the ability to play either safety position. He’s a supremely aggressive player that loves to hit, and he’s not afraid to gamble when going for the ball. Jones has a killer instinct and physical style of play that are impossible to teach. His aggressiveness can also lead to problems, however, as Jones is undisciplined. Focus on going for the turnover or the big hit can lead to blown coverage assignments and missed tackles. Still, he’s an intriguing athlete that certainly checks the “fast and physical” boxes that Quinn covets. He’d be a fantastic pick-up at this point in the draft. Round 5, Pick 174 - DT Tanzel Smart, Tulane Even after the addition of Poe, the Falcons could use more depth at DT. Tanzel Smart is an intriguing player with impressive production that will likely fall in the draft due to lack of ideal size (6’1, 296). He’s a penetrating 3-tech DT that gives premium effort on every single snap. Smart has the traits of an ideal back-up NFL DT—high motor, solid technique, great football character and IQ, and consistent production. Sure, he’s not the biggest or fastest guy, and his level of competition wasn’t terribly impressive, but Smart shows all the aspects of an above-average rotational 3-tech at the NFL level. As we’ve seen with players like Grady Jarrett, size isn’t everything. Round 7, Pick 249 - LB Blair Brown, Ohio At this point in the draft, you’re looking for depth pieces or special teams standouts. Blair Brown is both. With Worrilow gone and Weatherspoon’s status up in the air, the Falcons could certainly use depth at the LB position. Brown lacks ideal size (5’11, 238), but makes up for it with a hard-nosed, physical style of play and decent athleticism. He’s an instinctive LB with a high football IQ that possesses enough lateral movement ability to cover RBs and TEs. Brown had excellent production in college and, although his ceiling is certainly limited, looks like the type of player that can make a difference as a depth player and special teams contributor at the NFL level. ^ I would be down with this haul. Rivers has been gaining steam lately so idk if he would there in the 2nd for us. Josh Jones is an interesting S prospect, is an athletic freak and extremely aggressive so I think he would pair well with Keanu. What do y'all think
  5. I would definitely be down with this mock man nice work! Cunningham would boost our Lb corps even more and we would have an extremely young and dynamic LB corps flying all over the field. Feeney shores up the G position so I'm down with that pick as well If Mixon some how is still there in the 4th we better sprint to the podeum with our draft selection card to get him And then you have McKenzie in the 7th just like I do in my mock so we both agree that would be a pick with potential for high reward after what we have had to put up with weems last season
  6. JRM in the 5th is another solid value pick so I would be cool with that As far as your comment about already having 4 players competing for return duties, who outside of Fuller and Roberts competing for return duties? I think McKenzie has the potential to win that job. Would rather have a play making return specialist in the 7th than a backup QB when we just re-signed Shaub.
  7. Would prefer to keep it simple and clean. Black tops, grey/white pants, black or red helmets with the current or slightly updated logos, block lettering
  8. Of course they're gonna say they dont expect a uniform change, why would they announce that a year early? That article holds little weight to it
  9. I'm willing to take a risk on Fields in this scenario. In regards to McKenzie, he's almost the exact same size as Gabriel. He is a threat to flip the field or take one to the house every time he returns. If we get someone like that in the 7th then sign me up.
  10. I sure hope so. It would only make sense. Don't teams unveil new uniforms in April?
  11. Yeah he's better than the player he replaced - sam baker.
  12. He is Bakers replacement. So don't know where you're getting me using Baker as a measuring stick from.
  13. Let's just turn it in to a patriot suckfest while you're at it then
  14. I edited my post. You had no credibility to begin with lol