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  1. Agreed. Him and Dan Quinn together, Ryan finally has a coach that knows how to support his QB with a defense. Ryan can give you the points, Quinn keeps you from getting points. All HAIL QUINN.
  2. Wasnt he the same guy that said we were gonna 5-11? Anyways, he can suck it.
  3. Weems was actually pretty good on special teams. Just not as KR. He was a decent gunner.
  4. Jimmy **** Williams... He was crap!!!
  5. Yall mofos on here are never satisfied. This guy took the Falcons to a Superbowl with a young defense. He has basically swept our division in two years. He has built a team that we have never seen in the history of the Falcons. Most franchises would have folded after all the lost players that has happened. People lets be more positive. Yeah, the team lost but its his second year. Who doesn't make mistake as a new coach. Smh
  6. Mmmmm, you have a point but who knows. We still lost. Again, the most bizarre thing is that we didnt run the ball... that is the main thing. Everyone knows to run the ball. Maybe.
  7. I still like Brotherhood. As much as this game hurts, the true definition on BROTHERHOOD is how they rebound from this lost. I remember when the Falcons lost to KC and it felt horrible. This is 10 times worst,
  8. I am convinced. Thoroughly convinced. We are cursed
  9. The sad thing is if we win, will it be an excuse or will the media say that we are a legit team? The Patriots were flawed or something. I just can't wait.
  11. Yes siiiir. Well deserved!!!
  12. This **** video gave me chills...
  13. Flopped like a bad wrestler is spot on. Alford should have been fined for that. Lol
  14. They are already working in it.
  15. I like TRU and all but he doesn't really get INTs and create turnover like Collins. Collins is balling and making plays out there. TRU hands are suspect. If we keep him great, if we don't. Im happy with who we have. I just don't see having to sit Poole either. He lays wood and plays well as well. Good problem to have.