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  1. Surprised the two defensive players from Auburn wasnt brought in Lawson and Adams and they're both from Georgia
  2. Hope that we need to move back a little and get more picks
  3. Someone will fall through the cracks who is it going to be? It always happens I think it could be Peppers, Cunningham or C. Harris. Who do you think and will this alter our plans if they are still there? I really like OL Isaac Aieuta Utah and Nic Siragura from San Diego State we can get in the 3rd and leave the 1st two picks for others. I hope we stay in SEC some. DQ has had success in the SEC
  4. I still think we need to get a low-cost veteran offensive lineman because the offense line is the hardest thing for a Rookie to be good at in his first year. But we still need to DRAFT one or two.
  5. It can go either way, someone is going to slip through the cracks maybe even the 3rd, watch and see. Who would have thought Grady Jarrett would have went in the 5th? One guy we should look at harder is Hendrickson out of Florida Atlantic or International. He is a pass rushing DE who may be there in the 3rd-4th. This is getting crazy!
  6. Justin Thomas of Georgia Tech can play several positions wide receiver, cornerback, quarterback, halfback and safety l. His dad is a coach,he is smart quick and tough, people forget that Saban recruited him to be an All-Star DB but Paul Johnson convinced m to be his quarterback
  7. Trade back to the first part of the second round and acquire more draft picks.
  8. This is the kid!!! I'm telling you after Dalvin Cook and Fourette this is the guy I believe he is going to be All Pro!!! If he is there in the third which I don't believe he will be I take him in a heartbeat!
  9. KS is a great young OC and evaluator of Offensive talent. But he has an arrogance an a ego. This was not just an another game, this was the SB! There were 2 HOF's across the field. Forget what you have been doing, get the SB win and give a AB, this state the great victory. That all that should have counted. But his ego let him gamble, now our loss is forever forged in NFL HISTORY and LA wall's off into the sunset with Millions, his own team. You can spin anyway you want but we had the sure win in spite of their surge and LA put us in a position to let it get as away.
  10. Hope TD doesn't resort to bringing in players you have to scramble or google to find out who he is or has done. Last year was great but we do remember the ole TD drafting. Maybe he has changed? Was the success last year due to DQ? Shanny? Our new scouting department?
  11. I love this one! Cunningham has done well in the SEC despite not having a great team. Has length and smarts. DQ has done well with SEC players lets keep it up!!! Most seem enamored with River's. I like him too but I don't know if I'd make him our 1st rounder over Cunningham, Harris from Missouri, Oli M., C. Lawson or some of the Florida guys? He may or may not be there when we pick in the second- someone always slips. But take it from a Draft junkie where you show your skills is with the OG -I'm telling you there are 3 out there that may still be sitting there in the 3rd that can play and are nasty! Isaac Asiata (TOUGH HOMBRE) Nico Siragusa (You better watch this one, he will be a very good pro) and or Dorian Johnson (just might be there) but where you really showed your skills was picking Ricky Seals in the 7th! Seals coming out of H.S. was rated one of the country's top 22 players. He has all the tools but for some reason he did good but not great at Texas A&M. But he still is somewhat of a freak and I believe DQ can get it out of him. He can play TE, H-BACK or WR. What a get in the 7th, you rock!
  12. Good stuff and that is coming from a draft Junkie I still think we're missing it on the Florida Atlantic de/rusher Trey Hendrickson whi we can get In the 3rd or 4th look him up. This year we have to have a great udfa i
  13. Gois mock! Big 10 dominated
  14. Here is the steal of the draft at that position Josh-clemons of Louisville formerly of Georgia 6-4 , 228 lbs. can play strong safety also play outside linebacker, cam handle big tight ends. He is a poor man's Obi we can get him in the 4th and he will be a steal.