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  1. I wish we could have found a way to get Miami U. QB Kaaya who went in the 6th.
  2. To succeed in the injury prone NFL you have to quality depth!
  3. But we will miss a beat if Julio is not out there.
  4. It slipped his greedy mind this is the Super Bowl not just another game. That there were two future Hall of Farmer's on the other side of the field who you didn't want to give another chance. That your defense was beaten and tired. That you have an All Pro kicker. Two scores were gonna be difficult for even Brady to get. But instead you went for the glory and now the FO. will go down as blowing the biggest lead in SB historydeprived a good man AB of the greatest victory ever. But no we get It. you call your games aggressive. Oh well?????
  5. Every Coach has his style. Players react to different styles. Some need tellers and screamers or a kick in the butt. Some like teaching. I think DQ wanted Young. I hope Cox finds a good job.
  6. Shanny can say what he wants but he didn't call the right game when we were up 28-7, nor were the right calls made after we got to the 22 yard line.There were other things that contributed to the loss but the fact still remains Shanny could have won it if he would have put his arrogance aside. I just hope somehow we can get AB and the fans another chance.
  7. I still want a vet at LB for experience and depth
  8. One of my biggest FO fears is that TD resorts back to getting no name linemen like he did a few years ago when we used to have to scramble on google just to see who they were. They rarely worked out. D.Q.Pioli and Shanny had kinda got us away from that I hope we are not going to start this again.
  9. Freeman has brought a house here. He is moving his sister's here. He wants to be here. I think it was more Uncle Luke untimely talking then him. However it is good business sense in today's NFL so somehow we gotta pay him.
  10. we wont though I wish we would. Look at TD's history after almost getting to the SB he made some not so good decisions And remember the McClure for Konz Fiasco. As much as I understand Shanny ego caused us the SB but he had an eye for talent and would speak his mind-(Mack, Gab etc) we've loss that I don't think TD will make any over top moves to keep us there. He will build from with end. Im not saying it is all bad but it is very hard to stay flat the top
  11. I hope we still look at veterans after June 1st and last cuts.
  12. Here we go again people trying to replace a team player like Rico. Everyone can't be Pro Bowler. Let's just hope Kazee is a player and we have real depth, which you MUST have to win a 16 game NFL schedule.
  13. Why do some always want to replace instead of adding depth we got to play against a lot of big good receivers in our Division. We need quality depth instead of thinking rookies can always step out of college and replace and cover NFL starters
  14. I hope somehow we bring Feeney back he was good for Beasley and needs to be here for Tack and good for the GO and our run. Sometimes it is the little unsung thingame that makes a champion. Feeney is who he is, does what he does. I hope we can get him back.
  15. If I understand it right Shanny knew of Gabriel and Robinson from his days at Cleveland. Mack came to the Falcon because of Shanny. TD did great with getting it done! I just hope TD continues to do a great job. Shanny seems arrogant and I think this team will be more comfortable with Sark but we have a great high school coach coaching our OL, a new RB Coach and have to replace a veteran OG who wasnt as bad as some on here think even Mack says he was good so Im cautious.