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  1. Foster most definitely. I don't want Peppers at all.
  2. I like AP but I hope he looks like Steven Jackson with the Saints.
  3. And Jameis in the right talon and Cam in the left one.
  4. "Can't wait!!!".
  5. This jackazz is always wrong so yeah Im glad he picked against us.
  6. Still wouldn't trade up. Rather take Jarrad Davis.
  7. Bruh is trying his hardest to go undrafted. Of course he won't though.
  8. Yep well looking at your mock draft history as well as this current mock, you are umm... "consistent".
  9. I have a feeling he'll get plenty of opportunities and snaps with the first team offense no matter what direction we go in the draft and remainder of the off-season.
  10. Nope. Just stay put and grab Jarrad Davis.
  11. I'm all for it. 2 of my favorite guys. You can never have enough pass rushers.
  12. Never mind Sherman, how does Peppers add to this "dream" secondary?
  13. Man I love Free we gotta keep him.
  14. Yeah it's a no for me too. Not only was he below average (to say the least) in college, but he doesn't even seem to fit a zone blocking scheme.
  15. I would probably take Rivers or Bowser before Tanoh.