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  1. Naw I don't recall that at all. But good thing we got one In the "2011" draft though.
  2. At ease soldier. It was a joke.
  3. Why didn't you post our 2012 draft?
  4. As much credit as the talking heads give Shanahan, none of them gave credit to Ryan for his off-season work with Tom House and how he helped Matt develope his deep ball.
  5. Qb Cb MLB SS LS
  6. If Jarrad Davis falls to our 3rd, Quinn has to pull the trigger.
  7. I want a pass rusher before both guys/positions.
  8. If you'd asked me this a year ago I would have chosen Brady, Rogers, Wilson, Cam, or maybe even a chance at drafting Deshaun Watson. Now... NO ONE! Not only is he the reigning MVP, I wouldn't wanna win a Superbowl with anyone else under center right now. He's been here through the ups and downs, he deserves it.
  9. Bad draft picks, non player development, and old FA signings will do that to a team. I haven't seen any of that with the Quinn regime.
  10. Actually yes. But doesn't really matter, seeing how we rarely relied on the punt return because our offense was so high powered that we could start drives inside our own 10 and still drive downfield with ease.
  11. I like Baker but I only want him in the first IF we can get a good pass rusher in the 2nd like Demarcus Walker, T Bowser, Tarell Basham, or someone similar.
  12. Yeah I can see our offense being more Poe-tent In goal line situations. Aight I'm done. Lol
  13. Glad I'm still at work