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  1. Jake is doing fine, but he needs to cut down on the untimely penalties. We really shot ourselves in the foot last year in that area, including in the SB. In 4 of our 6 loses (including the SB) we had 4 or more penalties on offense. Jake had a killer penalty in the SB that erased a possible game-clinching play. He is a good LT though, he just happens to make a bone-head play at the wrong time periodically.
  2. Somebody @ TGdadon1... This is what he was trying to tell everyone the other day..
  3. Except we have a slightly worse defense, better O-line, RB & WR corp than your team did last year, we didn't lose our best CB to Free agency, not playing the SB champs game 1 of the following season and our coach has been in 3 of the last 4 SBs.... Other than that, yeah, just alike.
  4. Thanks, but I didn't ever limit the games to the regular season. I simply asked what team you'd most like to play in 2017.
  5. If I opened the question up to any team, I'm pretty sure the majority here would vote Patriots. I'm itching to see our guys get back on that field with them. But looking ahead to our 2017 schedule there are some great games lined up, especially in the conference and division. So I wanted to know, what NFC opponent are you most interested in seeing our Falcons play? Is it the retooled/refreshed Packers that will be hungry to avenge the loss at the Dome? Or everyone's "Preseason Favorite, Regular Season Least likely" to go to the Super Bowl team in Tampa Bay? How about the Arizona Cardinals? They picked up two guys that TATF were high on in the draft in Haason Reddick and Budda Baker. Or is it our favorite team to hate, the Saints. They did get AP and Kamara. They also have the apparently eternal Drew Brees and a few nice receiving options. I'd have to go with Dallas. They are the one team that I believe will give us serious issues with their power run and play action style. We have a fast, swarming defense that will be focused on stopping that run. If they get going they could catch us over pursuing and burn us with their good receiving options.
  6. If thats the case, why are Panthers 2 on your list? Saints have 2 1,000 yard + rushers and a better O-Line (until Max Unget injury). They consistently invest in O-Line w/ Larry Warford, Zach Strief, Terron Armstead, Max Unger and now Garrett Boles. Based on their PROVEN backs and better O-line how can "all potential" and patchwork/injury riddled O-Line be better? I've seen your posts, and most of the time it's homer posts and panthers boasts hidden in thinly veiled compliments for our team. And this seems like the latter. On one hand you admit that Falcons are better (partially because its utterly ridiculous to suggest otherwise) due to specific criteria like OLine and RB personnel. Then you suspend that criteria to rate your team higher. Mark Ingram is and has been better than Jonathan Stewart. Ingram has gained more than 1,100 yds from scrimmage each of the last 3 years despite splitting carriers 2 of them. Now they add AP and Alvin Kamara? They, IMO, are unquestionably better than Carolina. Then you have the audacity to suggest that its easy to have a top 5 rushing offense? And that Carolina will be as good or better than Atlanta? I just think you're terribly misinformed. Either that or you suspend legit analysis when talking about you team of preference.
  7. Yeah, it's too early to tell but this group looks like it can be dangerous. No real holes on defense. We've got positioms that need to prove themselves but everyone has a chance to be very good.
  8. Maybe you give credit for inaccurate heaves down the field that do nothing to better your offense, I don't. None of the QBs on that "Top 5" list are even top 10 passers. So what they toss the ball and rack up the INTs or Incompletions. When I mention deep passes I'm talking completions. With that said, here's the REAL top 5 deep ball passers: To your article, this is a typical puff piece by a Cam supporter. Mentions his throws downfield (15) in 2015, but that contradicts'a count of 10. But let me say this, Cam is an extraordinary QB. His size and athleticism might be unprecedented at the Qb position. And while he isn't the best passer he is plenty good enough. In any event, gotta go to celebrate Mothers Day. Wish you and yours well. Can't wait for the season to start. One of my best friends is Panthers dan who won't stop taking about your rookies.
  9. Based on what? That whooping 3.9 ypa in 2015?? Bro, stop. The Panthers are not now, nor have they EVER been a great offense. Now a great defense, ABSOLUTELY! But when you make audacious claims about Carolina's offense thats when I have to call BS. I can give chapter and verse statistics that refute that.
  10. Ok, a couple things I take issue with. First, Cam didn't throw deep the most last year. That's was Matt. Second, the offense was NEVER the reason for success in Carolina it was the defense. Panthers had the 11th rated offense. The defense was 5th and the defining unit of the team. The rushing attack was good #1, but that was due to Carolina attempting over 100 more rushes than we did in 2016. We attempted 421 last year to 526 Panther rush attempts in 2015. We averaged 4.5 ypa 2016, Panthers averaged 3.9 ypa in 2015. No where near as prolific. You're doing a good bit of revisionist history here man. You should stop pretending the Panthers O is or ever was anywhere near the Falcons. Its just a goal that they'd like to work towards. Your team has names. We have proven playmakers and a track record of good offense. Not opportunistic offense when our defense makes plays to give us the ball back.
  11. You're completely delusional. Yes having a top 5 in every rushing statistical category is hard. You need good rushing personnel, which you MIGHT have, but you need a good O-line which you dont. You seem too be confused. Id actually eager that the Saints have a better rush offense than Carolina. You cant have an atrocious O-line and be good rushing the ball consistently.
  12. Umm, maybe the problem is you don't understand how prolific our run game was. We gain about 150 more yards and 4 more TDs with 32 less rushes. Falcons were 4th in the league in rush ypa. Falcons were 5th in total rush yards and yards per game. Carolina had twice as many fumbles as the Falcons. Our longest run was almost double Carolina's. All that is while ALSO having an even better ranked passing aattack. If we committed to the run, we'd likely lead the league or be extremely close to it. We were already close while being a more pass heavy team. The Falcons offense in general is in another league than Carolina's. They're better at EVERYTHING. Carolina's good, but the Falcons had an all time great offense.
  13. Here a fun fact: As bone crushing a his hits are, he actually better in coverage than in run support. I stated this is a thread a few months ago. Receivers take special note when he's in vicinity.
  14. As far as diversity of assignments, yes OLB is more taxing. But OLB aren't always matched up with OTs were as DEs are almost exclusively matched up with them. Doing battle with those big uglies at 37 is more taxing on a down by down basis. OLB draw RBs, TEs as blockers much more than DEs. Also DEs deal with double teams more often. But its semantics depending on schematics.
  15. DE is NOT an easier position for a 37 year old. And are they expecting him to start?