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  1. If that's a standard box jump, Im a greek god. Bow before Poseidon!!!
  2. But, but Forrest Lamp is the top rated Guard in the draft and Kpassagnon is a second tier DE......
  3. You're entitled to your opinion. But we'll all be judged for our actions. Maybe we aren't killers or heinous criminals, but you and myself are no better than anyone. Our lives are all precious. I think some of his decisions of what to do with his are reprehensible, but that won't justify me deciding to trivialize the gift of life the same way he did (or didn't do). Im just trying to be a voice of reason. Life is a very rare and precious gift. Losing it is no laughing matter. But to each their own.
  4. Wow. I just logged on to see the conversation and I'm appalled to see that some folks are actually making jokes about a man dying. I don't presume to know what he whether he committed the crime he was convicted of, but I've seen folks go to jail wrongfully several times. But despite his guilt or innocence, who are we to judge this man? Who are we to make a mockery of his death? I think that the digital age has had a dramatic desensitizing affect on folks to the fact that they don't respect ANYTHING! A man is dead! Can we please stop with the jokes? I for one find it offensive that its a running joke. A public forum has decorum. That's just basic decency. Sorry if I'm being overly sensitive, but in a world full of folks that don't care enough that seems to be what's needed.
  5. What about Devonta? #ATLoverCAR3TimesInARow.....
  6. Can't please 'em all, no matter how hard you try.....lmao But I'd like to see that option too before deciding..
  7. Alford dropped a potential game clinching INT that hit him DIRECTLY in the hands. He's improved no doubt, but Sherman is probably better than even Trufant right now. Those two together world make it extremelg difficult to pass on a team that jumls out to leads regularly.
  8. I cant understand the folks that try to play armchair GM to a freakin cap wizard like TD. He's proven to know what he's doing. If he could get Sherman for a steal, then do it. We'd have the best CB tandem for the next 3 years minimum w/ Poole and Collins for as backup. Thats intimidating. Were trying to dominate, not participate.
  9. No, but he'd enhance our number if coverage sacks and likely pick off some of the foolish forced passes that would ensue.
  10. If we send Alford and a 3rd, Im all for it. Sherman and a good draft would make us SB favorites for the next few years. He is only 1 year older than Alford.
  11. Best draft Ive seen. Would be beyond ecstatic if this was our haul....
  12. We lost our best defender, second best pass rusher, back up RB at various times, starting SS first 4 games, starting TE and depth at LB & DL. Thats on top of having our best WR hobbled throughout the year. We had to deal with several injuries, its just that our success inspite of those injuries causes folks to focus on them less than they otherwise would.
  13. But, but.....talking heads insist that our success was due to the fact we were healthy all year and didnt have major injuries..
  14. I agree, but there is no shame in admitting that one person, above all others, hurt us the most. I get the idea you're saying, but the reality is one run play and a kick then we're likely preparing for our ring ceremony. That is entrirely on one person.
  15. First off, Ive resigned myself to try to move on. But we came as close as you possibly can to winning thw SB anf loss, so the scars are deep and will last a lifetime. The only thing that will soften the blow is to win. In the meantime, Matt just gave an interview to AJC and talked about his inability to audible out of plays partially due to personnel packaging. Now I think that's a valid concern but in no way should that allievate the need for Matt to have better pocket presence at such a crucial juncture in the SB. But not giving your MVP QB a package of plays to work with depending on what he sees wreaks of arrogance/ a dictatorian nature that likely clouded Shanahan's judgement. I like Shanahan. I liked him when we signed him and kept confidence after the rough year 1. Also I must commend him for a masterful playoffs run and SB game for 3 quarters. But its tough to deny that some puzzling calls he made in the 4th directly contributed to our collapse. A 7-step drop on out 37 yard line? Not running inside Patriots 30? Lack of aggression after the game was tied with 2 minutes left to play? Anyway, check out the article. Its by DLed so lower your expectations: Matt Ryan says he was not allowed to audible out of certain Super Bowl plays