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  1. 1. Jordan Willis, DE 2. Forest Lamp, OL 3. Derek Rivers, DE 4. Elijah McGuire, RB 5. Kareem Hunt, RB 6. Justin Evans, S 7. Jonnu Smith, TE 8. Bucky Hodges, TE 9. George Kittle, TE 10. Aviante Collins, OL 11. Danny Isidora, OL 12. Julien Davenport, OL 13. Dion Dawkins, OL 14.Tanoh Kpassagnon, DL 15. Dalvin Tomlinson, DT 16. Tanner Vallejo, LB 17. Budda Baker, S 18. Marcus Williams, S 19. Tarell Basham, DE 20. Grover Stewart, DT Tie Breaker #1 DE, DT, FS, TE, OG, LB Tie Breaker #2 Jordan Willis, Dalvin Tomlinson, Tanner Vallejo Tie Breaker #3 FS Tie Breaker #4 Both, 1 of each
  2. I feel like I could live with either the FA or the draft but not both. I just don't think enough was done at DT.
  3. I haven't seen a PM or an email but I am in for another season
  4. It's reverse psychology. After years of mocking us DL and us taking CBs, they are doing the opposite. At least that is what I'm hoping or else it really shows they don't know anything
  5. If we just want to Uber there and hang out is there a price?
  6. Just texted this out to a couple buddies last night. It's just surreal.
  7. The thing I loved most about the game was when we were at the 2 and just knelt it to end the game. Showing them some mercy, like we could score on you again but your aren't worth it. And you could tell that the defense hated that
  8. On a semi-related note I had a conversation with a Cowboys fan at work. He also likes the Falcons as he lives here now but is a die-hard Cowboys fan. We were talking and he doesn't trust the Falcons because of their history. I asked him about the Cowboys history. He says they got rings. I was like when was the last one? Before your main guys on this year's team were even born? Just irritating
  9. Like others said he is doing it when we aren't practicing. We also don't know who we are going to play and we already played 2 of the 3 teams(Seattle and GB) we could potentially play so game planning should be a little easier. Normally teams only have one week to prepare anyways
  10. I have a really hard time seeing a CB with Alford re-signed Collins and Poole looking solid, and they are high on CJ Goodwin. That isn't including Trufant who is signed for next year and could be tagged for the next 2 years after that
  11. I have seen some ppl compare him to Shaq Lawson. I liked Lawson a lot last year so I would be happy with that
  12. I wonder with Ishmael possibly playing LB, Dashon Goldson might be active. Heck he might be active for the simple fact of all the guys inactive because of injuries
  13. Gosh, I stink. 3 weeks and 3 strikes. New England was my nemesis: picked AZ and HOU to beat them
  14. I agree that is what we were doing, the biggest problem was poor tackling. I think DC Richard Smith said we missed 4 tackles on that drive.
  15. I was just thinking when he came up that it would be fitting if he hit one out and then bam